Parish Advent Program – “What Can’t Wait?”

Parish Advent Program – “What Can’t Wait?”

You are invited to join “What Can’t Wait?”, a journey through art that we are taking together as a St. John’s family this Advent. Throughout Advent, we are meditating on contemporary art from several artists, that was inspired by our weekly Advent scripture readings. There are several ways to engage with this program; we hope that you’ll take part in whatever will feed you spiritually:


  • Art Booklet – pick up a booklet on Sunday, or contact to have it emailed to you to print yourself. Take a little time each day of Advent to pause in your busy-ness, reflect on the artwork, and jot down where you see God (or where you hope to see God) in the midst of this art and in your life. There are a few pieces that you can colour on your own too, to aid in your meditation.


  • Advent Calendar – Visit our Facebook page ( to see the art up close, and written reflections from our community. Comment and share your insights on others’ reflections. We are posting these reflections daily on Facebook and in the parish hall.


  • Coffee Hour Gatherings – Join us on 3 Sundays (Dec. 8, 15 & 22) at coffee hour after both 8:30am and 10am services. We will gather to meditate together on and share about what God is saying to each of us and to our community through this art.


  • Group Colouring – Each Sunday one of the week’s art will be displayed – help to colour in this poster-size version each week, and treat it as another way to meditate on the art.


[Art on this page is “A Child Shall Lead Them” by Lisle Gwynn Garrity, © A Sanctified Art, and is used by permission.]



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