Marriage is an expression of love that involves a commitment to a lifelong, faithful relationship with one very special person.

We believe that marriage is a calling – that it is a way of fulfilling our true purpose in life. It is a choice to grow and develop in love and to share life experiences with another person. It provides a context of mutual support and growth, and creates a safe and caring environment in which children can be raised.

The priest will meet with the couple for a period of preparation before a church wedding can take place.

In the intimacy of marriage, we are seen and known for who we truly are. True love allows us to become ourselves and encourages us to continue maturing and developing as a person.

Marriage begins with a formal, legal and spiritual act in which the couple’s relationship is celebrated, ratified, and blessed by the community. In the Anglican tradition, a priest presides at the wedding, and pronounces God’s blessing upon the couple.

Countless people have found that the church ceremony is essential to getting off on the right foot in marriage.

If you would like to consider marriage and a wedding at St. John’s, please contact us at (604) 936 7762.

For more information please click here to view and download the wedding brochure: wedding flyer st john


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