Vestry Minutes from 2017 AGM

Annual Vestry Meeting

St. John the Apostle Church

February 19, 2017

 The meeting was called to order by Rev. Stephanie Shepard at approximately 11:30 am.  The registration sheet was circulated and was signed by 60 people.

Rev. Stephanie Shepard opened the proceedings with prayer.

The Agenda was presented by Rev. Stephanie Shepard and guidelines were reviewed.

Motion to have the Agenda accepted as presented.      M / S Rosa Weisensel/Sharon Cooper


Motion to elect Lynne Milner as Vestry Clerk             M / S Maureen Simons/Ruby Ng

In Memoriam

   Parishioners who have passed away in 2016 were                 remembered:

Eleanor Bishop, Edna Kerr, Marion Balden, Luke Walsh,       Ron Weisensel, Clarence McKinney, and Francis


Those who have joined our community in this last year:

Sharon Crawford, Michelle and Brianna Lock, Brian and Amalia McGlashan and Miranda, Jane and John Larsen, Wilfred and Barbara Schmidt, Norman Belyk-Overton, Priscilla Monette-Sim, Edward and Roseemary Morrisey

Motion that the Minutes of the 2016 Vestry Meeting be accepted as circulated

M / S Tony Pellett / Pronella Daniel


Correction to be made in the minutes: should read: Winston Ang Lee not William Ang Lee listed under Baptisms

Reports as presented:

Reports listed were all published and the document was circulated to all parishioners.

Interim Priest-in-charge Report

Wardens’ Report

Deacon Anne’s Report

Deacon Trudi Shaw’s Report

Report on Ministry for Retired Deacon

Envelope Secretary’s Report

Altar Guild Report

Altar Guild Financial Report

ACW Report

ACW Financial Report

Coffee Fund Report

Food Bank Report

Cobb’s Bread Report

Bottle Drive Report

Thrifty Foods Fund Raiser

Senior’s Tea

Senior’s Tea Financial Report

Bible Study Report

Sunshine Fund Report

Parish Visiting Report

Stewardship Report

Prayer Circle Report

Godly Play Report

Property Report

Motion that the above reports be accepted as presented          M / S Alma Oldenburg / Ruby Ng

Correction on page 6: the address should be 3030 Gordon Avenue not Grant Street. A group from St. John’s is volunteering at this location.

Richard Thompson stressed a need for additional help in maintaining the property of St. John’s.

 Financial Statements

Chelsea Belyk presented the 2016 financial statement.

The income for 2016 was $214,778. The expenses for 2016 were $176,669. The surplus is $38,110.

Motion that the Financial Statements be accepted as presented

M / S Chelsea Belyk / Alma Oldenburg

 Discussion: the merger documents have recently been signed but the official inclusion of the Napier Street assets has not yet been included but will be official in 2017. The assessed value of the Napier Street property as of July, 2016 was $1,729,000.

Proposed Budget

The proposed budget for 2017 is receipts totaling $219,917, expenses totaling $232,917 with a projected deficit of $13,000.

The proposed Budget for 2017 was accepted as presented to the Vestry.


Terry Walton – Bishop’s Warden

Chelsea Belyk – Treasurer

Ruby Ng – Envelope Secretary

Richard Thompson – Maintenance Co-Ordinator

Nominations and Election of 2017 Council

People’s Warden – Maureen Simons

Associate Warden – Geri Grigg

Synod Delegates –    Tony Pellett

Ruby Ng

Mary-Lou Kyle


Alternate Synod Delegates – Teri Hazelton

Sheila DeVaal

Natasha MacDonald

Members at Large –   Chelsea Belyk – Treasurer

Michael Lau

Nominations declared closed. The position of Parish Council Secretary to be appointed.

2017 Appointments of Lay Administrators:

Joanne Walton

Terry Walton

Rosa Weisensel

Claire Prentice

Dora Fejes

Ron Lou-Hing

Maureen Simons

Debora Jones- Akiyama

Sharon Cooper

Alan Yuen

Tony Pellett

Christina Anchor

Amanda Stock

Ferne Malcolm

Chelsea Belyk

Teri Hazelton

Mary-Lou Kyle

Ashley Meredith

Joanne Rippon


 A vote of appreciation for those leaving Council and leadership positions: Tony Pellett (recording secretary), Sue Hall (member at large), Bonnie Soochan (Finance), Brenda Binns (Food Bank), Wendy Hawkin (prayer shawl ministry) Ann Adair-Austin (ACW president)

 Vote of appreciation for others: Rosa Weisensel (prayer shawl ministry) Jeremy Overton (Refugee Response Team) Terry and Joanne Walton, Music Leadership and Choir, Chapel Prayer Group.

 Stephanie gave special thanks to the wardens, Terry Walton and Maureen Simons and presented them each with a bouquet of flowers.

  Other Business

Maureen Simons stated a new Mission Statement and a new Vision Statement are being developed.


Meetings took place in July and September, 2016.

Accessibility issues continue to be a problem. Suggestions that will deal with this issue on a temporary basis are welcome.

Canonical Process:

A parish profile will be developed by the Canonical Committee with input from the parish.

The profile will be approved by the Bishop.

Advertising of the position is done through the Synod office.

Vetting of the candidate will be done by the Synod office.

Offer will be made to the successful candidate.

Next Council Meeting: Monday, February 27, 2017 at 7PM

A retreat to work on the Mission and Vision statements will be on March 18 or March 25.

Motion: to adjourn the meeting:  Terry Walton/Sharon Cooper


Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.