The E-postle – August 27, 2017


 “The Parish of St. John the Apostle is called to be

*          A Spirited Community at the heart of Port Moody

*          transformed through the experience of the presence of Christ

*          and sent out to share God’s Love”

– mission statement

Surveying the Landscape

Before a new building goes up, a surveyor takes measurements of the surrounding land to see how it will fit.  Before a new priest is called to the community of St. John the Apostle, our parish council has to take the measure of the congregation and estimate how it is willing to grow and change with new leadership.

In the coming week, you will be receiving an email survey.  The questions cover some of the same ground that focus groups and forums have engaged in, but we are aware that not all people may have been able to attend or felt comfortable speaking up in a group setting.  As well, considering the last eight months of interim ministry, it is important to check whether priorities have altered or a new direction has emerged.

Please, therefore, take the time to respond to the survey.  The more responses we have in this format, the better the canonical committee will be able to compare data received.  For those parishioners who do not have email, paper copies will be available and the parish will make every effort to get it out to everyone on the parish list.  Help the parish council have the tools to shift gears and move forward in the canonical process this fall at St. Johns.

Yours in Christ,

Stephanie +

Upcoming Dates

August 28- 2 pm, funeral for Lorne Sashaw, at Burquitlam Funeral Home 625 North Road

August 28- 7 pm, Parish Council in the PMC. All are welcome to attend

September 10- after 10 am service, “Back to Church” Parish Picnic

September 17- 10 am Baptism of Alexander Brian McGlashan

September 23- 3:30 pm, Wedding of Sherrill Hardy and Bruce Wise

September 24- beginning 9:30 am, Walk for Reconciliation at Queen Elizabeth Plaza

September 30- Orange Shirt Day (wear them to church on October 1 too!)

October 8- Thanksgiving Sunday

November 4- Fall Bazaar 10:00 am- 2:30 pm


Stewardship Reflection
“We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us” – Romans 1 :6

“God’s spiritual gifts are a way of getting his work done.  Gifts are a demonstration of God’s Grace” (from the book Making Love Happen).  How can you put your gifts to work at St. Johns while being on the look-out for any other gifts God is giving you?

Summer Program for Young People

Children are invited to explore stories and activities during part of the 10 am service with Ts’uwtun, our helper bear.  This week’s First People’s Principle of Learning is “Learning requires exploration of one’s identity”.  The animal chosen for this week is the swan.


The Fall Bazaar Is a Go

Ferne Malcolm is coordinating the St. Johns Fall Bazaar for a final year. It is  set for Saturday November 4, 2017 10:00 am- 2:30 pm. Now is the time to come on board to help learn the ropes so that leadership can be passed on for 2018.

Metro Vancouver Alliance Leadership Institute

This two day training is for those who share an interest in strengthening civil society and working together for the common good.  Community leaders from diverse institutions share gifts for community organizing and moving from general problems to concrete, winnable issues.  Friday October 6 7-9 pm and Saturday October 7 9:30 am-4 pm at the BCGEU Office, 2920 Virtual Way Vancouver.  For more information or to register visit or see the poster in the parish hall.  There are funds from the Eco-Justice Unit of the Diocese to assist with the $100 cost for non-members.

Free to a Good Home

As a result of summer cleaning, there are several items from the church that are being offered to parishioners before they are sent for recycling.  1 large and 1 small filing cabinet (no key) and two small filing cabinets (with key) are available by donation.  There is also a table full of electronic parts and older office equipment in the Parish Ministry Centre for your perusal.  All items must be claimed and hauled away by September 3.

Prayer Cycle

In the Anglican Communion- Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby; Primate of Canada Fred Hiltz; BC & Yukon Archbishop John Privett; our partner Diocese of Northern Philippines, Bishop Brent Alawas, and especially the people of our twin church at St. Johns Mission, Bila, Mountain Province; Diocese of New Westminster Bishop Melissa Skelton, and this week:

All parishes in transition in our diocese

St. Augustine, Marpole – The Rev. Andrew Halladay

Ruvuma (Tanzania) The Rt. Rev. Maternus Kapinga

The Canadian Council of the North- Bishop Michael Hawkins, Chair, Bishop Lydia Mamakwa, Vice-Chair and all the members of
the Council as they work towards a vision of structures shaped by mission.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada- National Bishop Susan Johnson, BC Synod Bishop Greg Mohr;

The brothers and sisters who share our worship space: The Port Moody Korean Presbyterian Church and the Polish Evangelical Church.

Readings for Pentecost 13, September 3, 2017 

Exodus 3:1-15; Psalm 105; Romans 12:9-21; Matthew 16:21-28

Important Contact Information

Interim Priest– The Rev. Stephanie Shepard or 778-773-6816

Parish Office– Karen Evans or 604-936-7762

Wardens– Geri Grigg Terry Walton terry&

Maureen Simons or through the parish office

Treasurer– Chelsea Belyk

Parish Council– Adelaine Miller, Secretary

Altar Guild– Brenda Binns

St. John Prayer Circle– Sue Ellliott

Pastoral Visiting Ministry– Joanne Walton terry&

or Alma Oldenburg

Anglican Church Women (ACW)- Sue Hall 604-936-0176


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