Baptism is undertaken as an expression of faith and as a means of initiating people into Christ and the faith community we call “the Church.”

It is a celebration of new life, specifically the new life we experience in the context of a life lived in Christian discipleship and Christian community.

The New Testament proclaims that Jesus urged His disciples to “baptize all nations” (Matt. 28). In other words, the new life is meant to be shared. God’s love is meant for the whole world, so in baptizing people, the Church is trying to be faithful to this mandate.

Undertaking Baptism is a sign of spiritual re-birth and a commitment to living intentionally for Christ in the context of the Church. In Baptism God’s grace is conferred, the flowing water symbolizing God’s faithful love for us, which renews us in life.

Baptism is meant to be a key moment of consciously and intentionally becoming what we are meant to be: “children of God,” brothers and sisters in Christ, ambassadors of the Good News.

Baptism is only a beginning – it’s the launch. Baptism doesn’t complete the process: it only initiates it – it sets us on a certain voyage and gives us direction and purpose and the promise of God’s presence as we go.

If they are given wise advice, people do not take to the ocean without preparation and at least some basic information. So it is with the spiritual life. For these services to have any real meaning and validity, they must be accompanied by some awareness of what is required and a real commitment. Services like Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations, Ordinations, etc. are not undertaken without proper preparation, and a meaningful understanding of the commitment being required.

If you simply wish to have your baby blessed, we would be pleased to celebrate his or her birth that way. To see a child as a gift from God and to seek God’s blessing is a great first step. However, Baptism is much more than merely blessing a child. It is an act of commitment toward living for Christ and with Christ in an intentional life of discipleship and service. It means making a real and permanent commitment to being part of the Church.

To inquire about Baptism for yourself or for your child, please contact the Parish office at (604) 936 7762.

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