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Stars Leading the Way...

Stars Leading the Way…

This Epiphany season, members of the St. John’s, Port Moody family have received “Epiphany stars,” each with a different word to reflect on for the upcoming year. Throughout this season, they will be sharing reflections on how these stars–just like the star that the wise men followed–help lead them to God.

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Advent Lessons & Carols

Advent Lessons & Carols

Join us on Sunday, Dec. 1, as we begin the season of Advent with a special 10am Lessons & Carols service. This will be a wonderful service filled with nine scripture readings interwoven with the singing of lovely hymns, which will then be followed by Holy Communion. Together, these pieces tell the amazing story of God and God’s people all the way from creation to the fulfillment of God’s love in the birth of Jesus. (The 8:30am service will be our regular spoken service.) Hope to see you here!

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