Third Sunday after Pentecost


June 9, 2024


10:00am (in-person + Zoom) – Holy Eucharist


Meeting ID: 542 312 325

Password: 010729

This Week’s Worship & Programs – http://www.stja.ca/program-updates/ – current information on what’s going on at St. John’s, including Zoom links and bulletin and scripture readings for Sunday worship.

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Coffee/Tea will be served after the 10:00am service





Tuesdays                     10:30 am: Bible Study (see link above)

7:00 pm: Prayer Group (see link below)

Zoom Meeting ID: 889 7716 0016 Passcode: 263699

Fridays                        11 am: Choir Practice

June/July                    Bag Hunger (see text below)


Mon – Jun 17               2.45pm: Nicholas Fung’s interment @ Ocean View Burial Park, Burnaby

Thur – Jun 13               6:30 – 9:00pm Cedar rose making Noons Creek

Jun 14 -23                   Help to water bee & indigenous plant gardens

Sat – Jun 15                 10 am to 2 pm: Spring Street Community Kitchen

Sun – Jun 16                1:00 – 3:30pm Community Gift making Noons Creek

Sat – Jun 22                 5-9 pm: National Indigenous Peoples Day Blessing

Ceremony and Feast Rocky Point Park





Stewardship Reflection  

Prepared by Bible Ref.com Mark 3:20-35.  

Mark 3:25 teaches us the significance of unity and the dangers of division. Whether in our personal relationships, communities, or the body of Christ, unity is vital for stability, strength, and effectiveness. As faithful stewards how are we practicing unity?




Tasha Faye Evans – Sunday June 2, 2024

We welcomed Tasha Faye Evans, the organiser of the National Indigenous Peoples Day ‘A Coast Salish House Post Blessing, Ceremony and Feast’ to the 8:30 service.

At that time the ten blankets, made by Ann Adair-Austin, Anne Anchor, Sheila de Vaal, Sue Elliott, Debora Jones-Akiyama, Christine Kesans, Brenda Lou-Hing, Ferne Malcolm, and Iris Thompson, were blessed and presented along with our donation to the event.

Since 2019, we have been involved with the honour of making blankets that are used to wrap those who are officially participating in the Ceremony, they carry with them the prayers of this community and those who created them.


The following is the comment of gratitude for these blankets that Tasha offered at the service:

“Thanks for all of the prayers knitted into these blankets.  They will be used to wrap around those coming to do the sacred work of blessing the House Posts that will stand along the inlet in a prayer for the Inlet and all of our relations.

There are stories written all over the land, reminding you of how to show up in the world. Every crevasse in the mountains are creeks with stories; and there is a family somewhere who knows these stories.

There are mountains known as the twin sisters to remind us about peace and generosity. There are rocks to remind us about the spiritual devotion and sacred work of family.

These House Posts will be raised all along the water here in our Inlet and remind us of natural laws that have been caring for these lands since time immemorial. Reminding us of who we are, and how we walk on this earth in service of each other and all of our relations.

Please join us in community as we bless these house posts on June 22. Bring your own plates and cutlery for our feast and participate in the sacred work. (We are having it on the Saturday because our son is graduating on the 21st).

The important offering of today’s sermon is to be in compassion and mercy is so important.  It reminds me of the ancestors’ eye.  It is one of the core values of the people who have been caring for this land since time immemorial.

The “eye” is a symbol in all our arts – it is a circle, with crescents and triangle called a trigon.  The eye teaches that the ancestors are always watching you and that they made choices and dreams for you to be here today.

The symbol comes from a pebble dropped in water, the ripples that pebble makes and the energy that continues on and on.

At the core of compassion and mercy is you – your heart and what you do is with intention, the ripples that go on and on and make impacts.  Always return to your heart, in all we do and all we say.

We too are ancestors, sharing our hopes and dreams for the future in all our relations.

Thanks for prayers that went into these blankets, as we bless all the artists that put them together.”


Potential High Tea

If enough people are interested, we will plan a High Tea for Thursday, August 15.  We would restrict the number of tickets to 60 this year and would keep the ticket price at $40.00; same as last year.  This would be primarily a fund-raising event but we could perhaps lean on our 125th Anniversary celebration for inspiration.  We will only go ahead with this if enough people are interested in attending and helping with preparations. We will be asking you to raise your hand on Sunday morning but if you are not in attendance and would potentially like to attend or help…. or both, please drop me a note at mfernem@icloud.com




Prayers and Intercessions

The Prayer Circle is a group of parishioners who commit to praying for the prayer needs of parishioners and friends/family. All requests are kept confidential within the group, and you can let the group know as much or as little detail of the situation they’re praying for, as you wish. When you are requesting prayer for someone else, please be sure you have their OK to do so.  Prayer requests may be sent to Sue Elliott at prayer@stja.ca

Sunday Intercessions – those who lead us in the Prayers of the People are an important part of weekly worship. Intercessors tap into old and new prayer resources to give collective voice to our thanksgivings and petitions to God for our own and the world’s needs. The Prayers of the People also include prayer requests submitted by parishioners.

For prayer requests, speak to Anne Anchor at deacon@stja.ca


Community Garden

Quite a bit has been happening in and around the community garden!

We have planted more in the indigenous garden, the beans, corn, and peas that were started from seed (donated by Kerry Bailey) in the veggie pods (donated by Port Moody foundation) have been transplanted in the reclaimed area between the garden and the church,  lavender, oregano and yarrow have been planted in the native berry garden just inside the front fence, and marigold and nasturtium seedlings and native wild flower seeds have been scattered in the bee garden between the sidewalk and the front fence. Whew!…that was a long sentence! And I forgot…there are also more seeds planted in one veggie pod.

It is all a bit of an experiment this year, not knowing how well our fall/spring ground prep has worked, but to give it all a fighting chance I could really use your help watering all these areas while I am away on vacation June 14th to June 23rd.

If the weather is sunny, things would need a drink every day (since they are just getting established). So…If we have ten volunteers, each one would only have to water one day!

I can show all the volunteers what needs to be done after church this Sunday, or before church if you are from the 8:30 group, or another day…at your convenience…just let me know.

Please email me directly @ karenebbett@gmail.com if you are able to help out and let me know if there are any days within that time frame that you are not available. I will email all the volunteers the schedule (who’s doing which day).


Nicholas Fung’s Interment -Monday June 17 at 2.45 pm 

Grand Mausoleum, 2nd Floor,

Ocean View Burial Park

4000 Imperial Street





Bag Hunger

Access Youth, who use the basement of the PMC for their food prep program, need our help. They are short of basic cooking staples and our Parish has committed to helping them. Show them you care with a donation of cooking oil (1 litre bottle) and/or salt.

We will run this challenge for June & July, and then we will switch to another 2 items they need for August and September… So, stay tuned.

Please pick up a brown paper bag at church to announce your pledge to support these families and bring it back with cooking oil and/or salt.

For info on Access Youth and what they do, please log in to: https://accessyouth.org/youth-gour-made/



National Indigenous Peoples Day Workshops June 22 at ROCKY POINT PARK

For gift preparation. All are at Noons Creek Hatchery


Thursday June 13: 6:30 – 9:00 pm – Tasha Faye Evans – Cedar rose making

Sunday June 16: 1:00 – 3:30 pm – Community Gift Making – share your craft gift for others to learn to make


Financial Status – March & April 2024


  March 2024 Actual $ April 2024

Actual $

YTD 2024

 Actual $

YTD 2024 Budget $ YTD 2024 Budget Difference
Income 21,666.35 18,331.50 69,356.65 80,165.72 (10,809.07)
Expenses 14,514.32 15,923.80 60,657.29 80,165.72 19,508.43

(-) Loss

7,152.03 2,407.70 8,699.36 0 8,699.36
Offering for General Funds 15,020.00 13,770.00 49,740.00 62,157.68 (12,417.68)


Treasurer’s Note:

We have a surplus in our budget in April.

We expect expenses to increase as our interim priest moves to 80% instead of 50% starting 15 May, 2024.


Spring Street Community Kitchen

Saturday, June 15, 10 am to 2 pm:

Together with Inlet United and St. Joseph, we will be making Shepherd’s Pie for 3 families in the Tri-Cities. Everyone is welcome to join in, and we will have some for lunch.

Please register with Janica at administrator@stja.ca if you would like to join in.




Vignettes from parishioners of the parish being offered throughout the year of the 125th Anniversary celebrations. If you are asked to offer one week, please accept so that we may get to know a bit more about our friends in the pews. Please forward a written copy to news@stja.ca thereafter. These will be posted in the E-Postle as well as a compilation for print later in the year.


Adelaine Miller on 2 June 2024

About 36 years ago, Antoinette Woodman invited me to a Sunday morning service at St. John’s. At that time, we were living in Eagleridge, about 10 minutes away.

As usual, coffee and some delicious snacks were served downstairs where I met so many warm, welcoming and friendly people.

I instantly made up my mind that I would bring my family so that we could be part of this community to continue our Christian life.

Now, many years later and a big move across the Fraser River, we still continue to be part of St. John’s to continue our spiritual lives.  Our family as a group or individually has benefited by serving in several aspects of being members of this community.

We have been supported by many members during good times, such as confirmations, weddings and baptisms and not such good times like our illnesses and funeral services for our parents.

St John’s is not just a small parish church in Port Moody, but a haven during world events. I remember how Rev Cathy Hall helped people cope with the tragedy of 9/11 by holding services and offering counselling and prayers. People came to seek solace daily when the whole world was in turmoil.

In 2022, I will never forget the first in-person service I attended after so many months of only Zoom services during Covid.   The joy I felt that day to again be able to come to this special place, was indescribable.

We feel truly blessed to have a second family here at St. John’s.




Flower Chart for 2024

This is up in the Narthex (at the back of the church, by the chapel).  Should you wish to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, or give in memory of a loved one, please consider signing up to donate flowers for the altar.


Parish Giving

Donations may be made by cheques, PADs or through e-transfer directly to the church account. Please contact Ruby at peopleswarden@stja.ca or Sheila at treasurer@stja.ca for more details. You may also give via PayPal/credit card via our website.



Third Sunday after Pentecost 9 June 2024

1 Samuel 8:4-11 (12-15), 16-20 (11:14-15); Psalm 138; 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1; Mark 3:20-35


Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 16 June 2024

1 Samuel 15:34-16:13; Psalm 20; 2 Corinthians 5:6-10 (11-13), 14-17; Mark 4:26-34


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