FALL BAZAAR – Saturday, November 10th 10:00 – 2:30

FALL BAZAAR – Saturday, November 10th 10:00 – 2:30

This is a Parish Event and something supported and enjoyed by most everyone in our parish.  It is not only a major fundraiser for St. John’s but one of our faces to the community at large so let us put the effort in to make this a special event. Please note that we are holding the bazaar one week later than in previous years.

We are trying something a little different this year – An Uncoordinated Bazaar!  Due to the lack of an event coordinator we have agreed to continue this year with the convenors of each area taking responsibility for staffing and setting up that area. (There will still be an initial set up on Thursday afternoon to put the tables in place and make the table coverings available.)

To date we have convenors for the following areas:

Advertising:  Alma Oldenburgh

Raffle:  Ann Adair Austin & Rosa Weisensel

Handicrafts:  Mickey Marshall & Sue Elliott

Nu 2 U:  Joanne Walton

Games:  Ann Adair Austin

Kitchen:  Ferne Malcolm

Bake Table:  Kristin Kuhn

White Elephant:  Debora Jones Akiyama

Country Store:  Sharon Cooper

Goodie Tins:  Sue Elliott

We are still looking for convenors to be LUNCH SERVERS.  If you are willing to convene please see Ann Adair Austin after the 10:00 am service as she will have the sign up sheet. If you wish to volunteer to help see Ann or the convenor for the area you would like to help in.

For those who maybe unfamiliar with the Bazaar this is an overview and suggestions of how you might contribute.  I’m sure there maybe more information from individual convenors later but……………..

Bake Table:  A very popular area and a chance for our wonderful bakers to show off a little.  There have been questions about what can be baked and sold at the bake table. A rule of thumb to go by is if you have a favourite recipe that you bake and is loved every time you make it, please bake it and bring it to the bake table. Also, if you are interested in helping out at the bake table, please let Kristin Kuhn know, as we are still looking for people to help on the day of the bazaar and we would love to have you. Thanks ahead of time to all those bakers that are getting ready to bake up a storm and all those helpers that are willing to help us get that baking out to the people who will line up to purchase it!

Handicrafts:  Once again we ask our talented knitters, sewers and crafters to use their special talents.  It is always interesting to see their creations.

Country Store:  Our special area for jams, jellies, relishes and all kinds of special little treats.  We look forward to seeing your special creations.

Nu 2 U:  This is were we feature new or nearly new items. Jewellery is always a great attraction.

White Elephant:  We generally have a lot of good quality used items to recycle be it books, kitchen treasures or household items.  (No T.V. or computer items, please.)

Soup & Sandwich Lunch:  We believe this is one of the best values to be had at any bazaar.  For only $6.00 you get soup, sandwich, desert and tea or coffee. Please come and bring your friends.

Raffle Prizes – 1st prize: a large gourmet gift basket, 2nd prize: a small gourmet gift basket, 3rd prize: a toiletry basket, 4th prize: a quilt and 5th prize is an Entertainment book. We are seeking donations for the gourmet and toiletry baskets. Suggestions: non perishable items, such as pickles, relish, crackers, cookies, jam, chocolates, napkins etc. (no alcohol please). Also: soaps, lotions, perfumed creams, colognes etc. If you would like to make a donation, please talk to Ann Adair-Austin, Sue Hall or Rosa Weisensal.

Raffle Tickets –  Tickets will be available at the 8.30 and 10 am services

 There is a little free space in the PMC so White Elephant items may be brought in a week or so ahead…………that would be a big help.

Items for Crafts and Nu 2 U may be brought in on Sunday, Nov. 4 or during the following week.

Bake Table items maybe brought in on Friday, Nov. 9 or if not otherwise possible Saturday morning.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday, Nov. 10th between 10:00 & 2:30.


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