Sophie helps James Harry with some carving of the Welcome Post

“Carver, James Harry, will be carving our Welcome Post for the next few weeks in the mornings from Tuesday to Saturday before taking it to his studio to finish it.
Dates and times may vary. Please call ahead to confirm if you are making a special trip.

James’ schedule (subject to change):
Carving Oct 24-26 from 11am to 2pm
Away 27 – Nov 2
Carving Nov 3-4
Away Nov 6-9
Carving Nov 10-15
Nov 15 taking to studio to finish
617 Gore Ave, Cinatown, Vancouver
June 21 National Aboriginal Day ceremony at the Noons Creek Hatchery.”

Over the next few months we will keep you up to date on his progress and also provide for more info about the raising the Welcome Post ceremony on June 21st 2018




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