Fall Bazaar Revisited: Sunday, Dec. 3rd

Fall Bazaar Revisited:  Sunday, Dec. 3rd following the church services we will have the remaining Handicrafts and Country Store items for sale.  Our Total to date is $6,750. We are wondering if $7,000. Is possible?  Please take a moment to have a look and see if you missed a treasure the first time around.

I would like to thank all the volunteers this year for their support that made my job so much easier but a special Thank You  to Joanne Walton, Brenda Binns, Sylvia Bradley and Mel Moore just to mention a few.  You went above and beyond!

This is also the time to mention my retirement as Bazaar coordinator.  After many years it is time for new and creative ideas and more energetic leadership.  This is not an onerous task as there are many people willing to help but events need a leader.  I’m putting out a request to the total Parish to consider taking on this responsibility. The Bazaar is not only a major fund raiser but it is the largest event we have that involves the entire parish community. The bazaar is always a time of fun and fellowship but also a time of deepening relationship with people that we may not always have contact with.  It would be a shame to not have it continue.  Please prayerfully consider this volunteer position.

Ferne Malcolm


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