Recycling for  St. John’s


The total raised to date from recycling pop cans, plastic water and pop bottles, juice containers, wine, spirit and beer bottles is $6250.77. The funds received from this go towards the General Fund. Please continue to support this by bringing your bottles to the church for recycling, or by going directly to “Biggar Bottle Depot” on Kingsway Avenue in Port Coquitlam and crediting your refund to the St. John’s account. The recycling is picked up from the church on Wednesday’s by Juanita and her “helper” Myrna, who return them to the depot for us.



Thrifty Foods Smile Cards-Thank-you to everyone who has been participating with the Thrifty Foods “Smile Cards” to do your grocery shopping. Since this year’s fundraiser began on April 27th 2014 we have raised $1169.59 and will continue until April 25th of this year. If we are successful in being approved for another year then please hold onto the card as you will be able to keep using the same card. The funds this year were approved to be used to purchase and install the entry door into the PMC Basement and also to lay the tiles on the stage floor.

For those who are unaware of this program but would like to help raise funds for the church, if you are Thrifty Foods shopper, know someone who is, or would be prepared to shop there, you can help by taking a “Smile Card”. This same card may be reloaded as many times as you wish during a fundraising period.

“Smile Cards” could also be loaded and given as a gift for someone you need to buy something for!

When you receive your Smile Card:-

1) Please take the card to a Thrifty store on your next shopping trip.

2) Before starting to shop, load the card at Customer Service with funds to cover the shopping by using cash, credit or debit card. (St. John’s account will be credited with 5% of whatever amount you load on your card.) You may also load the card through the cashier at the checkout before placing your groceries on the belt.

3) When you have finished shopping, present the loaded “Smile Card” and the total of your shopping will be deducted. Your receipt will show the balance left on the card which can then be used on your next shopping trip.

Thank you for participating in this fundraising event.

If you would like a card, or have any questions, please contact:-

Brenda Binns 604-931-2482 or Bonnie SooChan 604-945-846


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