Our Clergy


We have started a period of discernment in search of our next rector. We are delighted and grateful to welcome The Rev. Stephanie Shepard as our Interim Priest during this time.


Interim Priest: The Rev. Stephanie Shepard


Anne Anchor

The Rev. Anne Anchor


Anne was ordained to the Diaconate in July 2001 at St. John’s after being raised up and recognized as a deacon in their midst. During this time, she was working as an Assistant Bank Manager, putting herself in the midst of the world of commerce and faith. She is now retired from this business and finds that her key ministry focus in the world is with her family, and that involves care and support for the four generations that live in her home.

Anne has always felt a strong call to empower people in their Baptismal Ministry, and she provides opportunities for education and study with all ages in the parish. Her main focus in this call at this time is with the Education for Ministry (EfM) program, which is a four-year continuing education course offered through the University of the South and is a recognized course of study by the Diocese of New Westminster and the Anglican Church of Canada. Anne also serves as Diocesan Coordinator for EfM for the Diocese of New Westminster.

Trudi Shaw

The Rev. Trudi Shaw

After her ordination to the Diaconate in June 1999, Trudi served in two other parishes before joining the clergy team at St. John in September 2003.

Her sense of call to a ministry of healing and social justice and an interest in community building has led her to work with diverse groups of people. She has served in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, with seniors’ groups, and with individuals in recovery from chemical dependencies. For the past seven years she has been on the Board of Directors for L’Arche Greater Vancouver.

Trudi currently works as the chaplain for St. Jude’s Anglican home, and she has served as the Anglican chaplain at Vancouver General Hospital since 2008. She lives in Burnaby with her husband David, and enjoys opportunities to spend family time with their two children.

Trudi has most recently been able to combine her training in art and her interest in contemplative prayer practices, studying the discipline of writing icons, and she hopes to be able to continue painting well into her retirement.

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