E-POSTLE APR 13, 2024

E-POSTLE APR 13, 2024

Third Sunday after Easter


April 14, 2024


8:30am (in-person only) & 10:00am (in-person + Zoom) – Holy Eucharist


Meeting ID: 542 312 325

Password: 010729

This Week’s Worship & Programs – http://www.stja.ca/program-updates/ – current information on what’s going on at St. John’s, including Zoom links and bulletin and scripture readings for Sunday worship.

Click here for contact info for parish ministries

Coffee/Tea will be served after the 10am service.





Tuesdays                     10:30 am: Bible Study (see link above)

7:00 pm: Prayer Group (see link above)

Fridays                        11 am: Choir Practice

Thurs – Apr 18             1 pm: ACW meeting

Sat Apr 20                 6 pm: Spring Dance

Sun – Apr 28               Exec. Director of Access Youth visit

Wed – May 1               10 am: Coffee Plus

Sat – May 11                2 – 4 pm: Spring Tea

Sat – May 11                9.30 am: Mission Conference – Toward a Theology of Land

Sat – May 25                11am: Ron Barnes’ interment @ St Clements, North Van

Sun – May 26               Trinity Sunday – Bishop’s Visit

Thurs – Jun 21              National Indigenous Peoples Day





Stewardship Reflection              

Prepared by Ven. Dr. M Pollesel John 20:19-31
“You are witnesses to this”, says Jesus. A faithful steward is one who has experienced the story of Jesus in their own life, and is able to share it with others.


Preparation for Trinity Sunday – Bishop’s Visit

We are looking to hire a photographer and a videographer for Bishop John’s visit. If you know of anyone who would be available and interested to take this on, please let Ruby know at peopleswarden@stja.ca





The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 18th at 1pm in the church hall. We will be collecting items for our annual layette donation that goes towards this Diocesan outreach for needy families who have new babies. The request for baby items to this outreach is open to all the members of the parish. Please see Ann Adair-Austin at cannadairaustin@gmail.com for more information. Items needed are: receiving blankets, clothing up to size 2, diapers (size newborn), bibs, hats, socks, small toiletries (shampoo, soap etc.), and small toys.


Spring Dance

Saturday 20 April – from 6 pm

Rolling Ball Productions will be having a “No Late-Night Spring Fling” dance for the TriCities community at our parish hall. Tickets are at $15 with a free drink.



Saturday May 11 – 2 – 4pm

Pie and ice cream, plus tea or coffee will be served for a cost of $8. Invite your family and friends to come and join us to celebrate the season of Easter and the joy of Spring!

Sign up sheets will be posted asking for volunteers to help in various areas, and also a request for donations of baked goods for the Baked Table. Please drop off all baking at the church hall from 10 am to 1 pm on 11 May.

Donations of crafts, jewelry, and plants would be much appreciated and can be brought in at any time before tea-time. Please speak to Ruby or Ferne if you need further information. 




Vignettes from parishioners of the parish being offered throughout the year of the 125th Anniversary celebrations. If you are asked to offer one week, please accept so that we may get to know a bit more about our friends in the pews. Please forward a written copy to news@stja.ca thereafter. These will be posted in the E-Postle as well as a compilation for print later in the year.


Rohini’s MEMORIES of Coming to St John – 7 April 2024

As some of you may know, I like telling stories. And this is a story about a newly widowed woman who was a bit lost when she came back to Canada. She had lived in the Arabian Gulf for almost thirty years. She was accustomed to sandy landscapes, a turquoise sea, and a blistering hot sun. As well as air-conditioning, and an easy, familiar life among old friends.


The fresh greenery, grey clouds, flowers, and berries growing wild here in British Columbia, where her daughter had settled, seemed like the stuff of fairy tales. And it was part of the reason she felt lost.  Was she in a dream? Or was she waking up from her nightmare? Unfortunately, the recent nightmare was real. And she was trying to come to terms with it. She was looking for signs to help her make up her mind whether she should settle down in this incredibly beautiful, but cold place, or rush back to her hot sandy home and her comfort zone.


Much to her daughter and son-in-law’s consternation, the old lady (did I mention she was old?) was also a churchgoer! And it had to be an Anglican church. They hurriedly hit Google. Among the places they were looking for a potential home for the mother, was Port Moody. The location had come up a few times in the past. They decided that the church they’d take her to was St. John the Apostle in Port Moody.


So, one Sunday morning in mid-June 2022, the three of them decided to attend the 10:00am service. The woman was rather nervous as it had been a while since she’d attended church. Her hand trembled as she took the service bulletin from one of the ushers at the door and hurried to the third pew from the back. Her eyes were a bit misty when she opened the bulletin, but they rapidly cleared when she saw that the first hymn was, “Morning has broken.” It was one of her late husband’s favourite hymns. To her it was a sign.


Later, the warm welcome from members of the congregation and the invitation to join them for coffee, tea and snacks confirmed the growing impression in her heart… she had found her new home.


And that, dear friends is what belonging to St. John’s means to me. It is my spiritual home, a place where I have found comfort, joyful conversation, camaraderie, and the beginning of what I hope will be long-term friends. And you know what they say about home: it’s the place where when you have to go, they have to let you in.





From the vibrant procession on Palm Sunday to the sacred culmination of the Easter Triduum—from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday—the week has been a journey of profound significance and joy.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all who joined us for the solemn Services on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. A special acknowledgment goes to Ann, Fern, Ruby, and Eddy, whose participation, alongside the clergy, enriched the Good Friday Service with well-prepared reflections on the Seven Last Words of Jesus spoken from the Cross. May God continue to bless them abundantly as they walk their Christian journey among us.

We are also immensely thankful to Gail and the Choir for uplifting our spirits with their melodic offerings, and to LaRee, our relief musician, who contributed to the reverence of Maundy Thursday.

Easter Sunday’s celebration overflowed with Easter joy, a witness to the glory of God. A heartfelt thank you is extended to Rev. Deacon Anne, Wardens Rich and Ruby, and the Altar Guild for their usual support in guiding us through yet another awe-inspiring liturgical season.

To all who served in various capacities—from the youth Easter Story to Easter Egg Hunt, from counting offerings to managing envelopes, from welcoming guests to arranging refreshments, from adorning our space to countless other tasks—we express our gratitude. May God’s blessings continue to shower upon you as we journey through the 50 days of Easter, anticipating the unexpected ways in which Jesus reveals himself to his disciples before giving the command to make disciples, his promise to send the Comforter, and his Ascension to the Father. Blessings to you all.


National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21st 2024

We have been asked again by Tasha Faye Evans the coordinator of NIPD in Port Moody to supply some knitted blankets for the ceremony in the evening at Rocky Point.

More details to follow about the ceremony but for now I am calling upon all knitters to offer their talent in this ministry towards Reconciliation. We have been asked to provide 10 blankets. We will be making them more in the dimension of prayer shawls this year, so, a bit smaller than past years. We should have them completed by June 2nd for blessing before we pass them on. Please contact Anne Anchor at deacon@stja.ca for more details.


Coffee Hour

We appreciate your contribution of treats for coffee hour after the 10 am service. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the kitchen.


Sunday May 26th – 125th Anniversary Celebration

As part of our 125 years as a place of worship within the community of Port Moody, we would like to acknowledge those of you were either married or baptised, (or possibly both) at St John’s – at any time in its history. We would like to invite you to a special event to celebrate your connection to our church at special services at 8:30 am and 10am on Sunday May 26th, 2024. We have invited Bishop John Stephens of the Diocese of New Westminster to join us and lead us in worship. These services will be a celebration of our anniversary, focusing on the sacraments of baptism and marriage in our community. Those who were baptised at St. John’s will be invited to re-affirm their baptismal vows during the services.

There will be a potluck lunch following the 10 am service. We hope that you can join us for this special celebration. For further information, please contact peopleswarden@stja.ca


Mission Conference – Toward a Theology of Land

May 11: 9:30am-3:00pm @ St. Mark’s, Ocean Park

You are invited to one of the largest biannual gatherings of the diocese of New Westminster. The Mission Conference is the key social and learning event held every other year when Synod is not in session. It is open and free to all members of the parishes and not just clergy and synod delegates.

Following the 2023 Synod discussions about housing and homelessness, the Mission Conference planners chose as this year’s theme: Toward a Theology of Land. Presenters: Richard Leggett, Mari Joerstad, and Katherine Murray are all local, ordained, and lay leaders, with rich experience in teaching and reflecting a thoughtful, God-centred understanding of land, as well as walking with churches who are seeking to steward their lands and buildings for God’s mission in the world.

Registration is free and lunch will be provided.





Flower Chart for 2024

This is up in the Narthex (at the back of the church, by the chapel).  Should you wish to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, or give in memory of a loved one, please consider signing up to donate flowers for the altar.


Parish Giving

Donations may be made by cheques, PADs or through e-transfer directly to the church account. Please contact Ruby at peopleswarden@stja.ca or Sheila at treasurer@stja.ca for more details. You may also give via PayPal/credit card via our website.



14 April 2024 The Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 3:12-19; Psalm 4; 1 John 3:1-7; Luke 24:36B-48


21 April 2024 The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Acts 4:5-12; Psalm 23; 1 John 3:16-24; John 10:11-18


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