3/25/20 Letter from Wardens re: Parish Giving

25 March 2020


Dear Parishioners,

We pray and trust this letter finds you well. 

Seems like the notion of “cancel culture” just took on a whole new dimension. In a matter of a few days, this thing has gone from “wash your hands and cover your cough” to a significant lifestyle change that most of us have not experienced in our lifetime.

Of all the cancellations, perhaps the most unnerving of all is the call to cancel church worship services. For all of our best efforts to eliminate hand shaking and peace passing, and to modify communion practices, the best way to protect everyone is to keep ourselves apart and safe.

We were as disappointed as you when the call was made but thank goodness for technology, we are able to worship together via Zoom. If you are not already connected via Zoom and need help, please send us an email and one of us will help you connect.

However, we need to keep “being the Church,” even when we can’t be in the church building. The work of St John’s is made possible through the giving hearts of our parishioners.

This may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme right now, but it matters that we continue to get our offerings in, as long as we are fiscally able. This is a good time to re-examine other giving options, such as automatic withdrawal.

Attached is a brochure and Pre-authorised Donation Application. You may fill it out and email same to  the Treasurer at treasurer@stja.ca or mail it back to 2208 St. John’s Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 2A7.

Even the healthiest congregations can find themselves in the hole, and quick, after just a few Sundays of missed offerings. If you can’t give online, mail in a check, send a carrier pigeon, do what you have to do.

Even if the building is empty, bills and salaries need to be paid; what’s more, you’re helping our church to be available to the larger community in a time when that need is more important than ever.

We look forward to when we can be physically together again.

Yours faithfully,


GERI GRIGG                                                                           

Rector’s Warden




People’s Warden



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