The E-postle – March 4, 2018

The E-postle - March 4, 2018


 “The Parish of St. John the Apostle is called to be

*          A Spirited Community at the heart of Port Moody

*          transformed through the experience of the presence of Christ

*          and sent out to share God’s Love”

this David Walker cartoon originally appeared in the Church Times, UK., but Canadian Anglicans aren’t so different!


What Does a Parish Council Actually Do?

Every local church community, under the Diocesan Canons, has persons who hold public responsibility along with the clergy for the life and business of the Parish.  At the Annual Vestry meeting, all the members of the congregation present elect or appoint those who will serve on the Parish Council or Church Committee, as it is sometimes called.  Along with the licensed clergy, these are:  the Church Wardens (right now a Bishop’s Warden and a People’s Warden), 3 Lay Delegates to Synod, 3 Alternate Lay Delegates, the Treasurer, the Council Secretary, and 3 Members-at-Large.   Members of the Parish Council are also Trustees of the Parish by the act of Incorporation for St. John the Apostle, Port Moody.

Parish Council members meet regularly to oversee the decision-making processes of the parish.  They assist the Wardens and Treasurer in reviewing finances, overseeing property matters, initiating and supporting ministry and outreach, and setting and implementing goals for mission.  Every person brings particular gifts and insights to their roles which strengthen the whole.

In the time between incumbents, some members of the Parish Council also form a Canonical Committee, which has responsibility for preparing a parish profile to advertise for a new priest and subsequently interviewing candidates for the position.  Those on Parish Council who are not part of the Canonical Committee (Council Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large and clergy) continue the work of the parish and support the steps needed to make a successful appointment. This coming Sunday, March 4, we will be asking God’s blessing on our new Parish Council and commissioning them for their work this year.


Upcoming Dates

March 3- 1 pm, World Day of Prayer at Good Shepherd Lutheran, 1504 Sprice Ave, Coquitlam

March 4- 10 am, commissioning of new Parish Council

March 15- 7 pm, Anglican Church Women meeting in hall (NOTE new meeting time)

March 18- 12:30 to 2:30 pm, Sexual Misconduct Policy workshop at St. Laurence

March 21- 9:30 am onwards, Spring Clean-up of the church

March 24- Parish Council Retreat at Deacon Anne’s home

April 1- 8:30 & 10 am, Easter Sunday services

April 29- Episcopal Visit and Confirmations with Bishop Melissa Skelton


World Day of Prayer 2018

This year Christians around the world are offering prayer for and with the people of Suriname, a small country in north-eastern South America.  The theme is “all God’s creation is very good” from Genesis 1.  Suriname is directly affected by climate change, especially rising sea levels, and the worship educates and encourages us to reduce, re-use, and recycle as a Christian response to this global crisis.  The local service is at 1 pm on Friday March 3 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1504 Sprice Ave. Coquitlam.


Canonical Committee Update

The parish profile is almost ready to send to the Bishop for her review.  Next week we are hoping to send out the profile to everyone in the parish on the e-mail list, so watch your inbox for exciting news.


Anglican Church Women

A.C.W. Meeting: Thursday March 15th at 7pm in the church hall. The A.C.W. ladies are organizing a ‘Spring Cleaning’ of the church on Wednesday March 21st at 9.30 am. If anyone feels inclined to shake up a little dust or sweep clean with a new broom, you would be more than welcome to join us.


Sexual Misconduct Policy Workshop

All Anglicans who work in sensitive ministries with young, elderly, or vulnerable persons, or who serve in leadership roles in the Church are asked to attend a two-hour orientation clarifying what is acceptable/unacceptable behaviour as Christians. The closest and earliest workshop is at St. Laurence Coquitlam on Sunday March 18 from 12:30-2:30 pm.  This is open to Anglicans in our area, so take advantage. Phone 604-936-5423 or email to register.  Certification is for 5 years.

Camp Artaban Registration Opens

Come to camp for the time of your life!  This Anglican-rooted camp on Gambier Island is offering a full summer schedule of residential Christian camping.  Check out  Financial bursaries are available for campers.  Over 16 years old?  Family Camp, Visitor’s Day, or volunteer and paid staff positions make it possible for YOU to get to camp this summer.


Stewardship Reflection

Will you proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ?

                                                            – baptismal covenant of the Anglican Church of Canada

How and where can we be sharers of good news with our neighbours this week?


Prayer Cycle

In the Anglican Communion-

* Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby; Primate of Canada Fred Hiltz and Indigenous Archbishop Mark McDonald; BC & Yukon Archbishop John Privett; the Territory of the People (formerly the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior of BC),

* our partner Diocese of Northern Philippines, Bishop Brent Alawas, and especially the people of our twin church at St. Johns Mission, Bila, Mountain Province;

* Diocesan Bishop Melissa Skelton and this week:

Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre – Staff and Board of Directors

Education for Ministry – The Reverend Paula Porter Leggett (Diocesan Coordinator)

*In our parish:

The newly elected Parish Council: Geri, Ruby, Adelaine, Tony, Mary Lou, Sheila, Rosa, Teri,

Brian, Michael, Chelsea

*The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada- National Bishop Susan Johnson, BC Synod Bishop Greg Mohr;

*The brothers and sisters who share our worship space: The Port Moody Korean Presbyterian Church and the Polish Evangelical Church.


Readings for March 11, 2018      Lent 4

Numbers 21:1-9; Psalm 107:1-3 & 17-22; Ephesians 2:1-10; John 3:14-21


Important Contact Information

Interim Priest– the Rev. Stephanie Shepard or 778-773-6816

Parish Office– Karen Evans or 604-936-7762

Wardens– Geri Grigg  or Ruby Ng

Treasurer– Chelsea Belyk

Parish Council– Adelaine Miller, Secretary

Altar Guild– Brenda Binns

St. John Prayer Circle– Sue Elliott

Pastoral Visiting Ministry– Joanne Walton terry&

or Alma Oldenburg

Anglican Church Women (ACW)- Sue Hall 604-936-0176


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