2017 Vestry Report

2017 Vestry Report

St. John the Apostle

Anglican Church

…called to be a Spirited Community at the heart of Port Moody,

transformed through the experience of the presence of Christ

 and sent out to share God’s Love.


Annual Vestry Report 2017

As presented at the Annual Vestry Meeting February 18, 2018



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Statistics                                                                                                                     1


Interim Report                                                                                                             2-3


Warden’s Report                                                                                                         4


Deacon Anne Anchor’s Report                                                                                     4-6


Deacon Trudi Shaw’s Report                                                                                        6-7


Envelope Secretary’s Report                                                                                        7-8


Altar Guild Reports                                                                                                      8-9


ACW Reports                                                                                                              9-12


Music Director’s Report                                                                                               12


Coffee Fund Report                                                                                                     13


Food Bank Report                                                                                                       13-14


Seniors’ Tea Report                                                                                                     14


Prayer Circle Report                                                                                                    15


Tuesday Study Group Report                                                                                       15


Sunshine Box Report                                                                                                   15-16


Parish Visiting Team Report                                                                                         16-17


Stewardship Report                                                                                                     17


Child Sponsorship Report                                                                                            18


Liturgy Group Report                                                                                                   18


Napier Street Property Proposal                                                                                   19-20


Godly Play                                                                                                                  21














Adele Gwynne Parrott

Ann Dingley

Elizabeth Flick (Marshall)

Lawrence George Rash

Jacob Peter Feenstra

Fredrick Arthur Clark

William G. Shields

Lois Godfrey

Lorne Sashaw

William Scott Castle (interment)

Davis Kon Chong




Tania Vegt and William Easton

Lorrie May Fennell and David Foster

Sherrill Hardy and Bruce Wise

Sharon Cooper and Lance Read




Norman Albus Overton

Alexander Brian McGlashan




Bryan Barr

Heather Barron

Bob and Kristin Kuhn

Heather and Sarah McLeod

Alexander McGlashan

Matthew and Victoria Savage

Natacha Warwick










Interim Report to Vestry 2018


Dolores Umbridge:   “Progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be prohibited.”

Dumbledore:           “Thank you, professor.  That really was most illuminating.”

Ron Weasley:         “Illuminating?  What a load of waffle.”    

from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


The ulterior motive of Dolores Umbridge was to prevent adaptive change from happening at Hogwarts. The job of an interim priest is the opposite: to assist a congregation in making adaptive changes that will build capacity for future ministry.


In the past twelve months, I have been privileged through my role to share your stories, explore your strengths and growing edges, and encourage new ways of hearing God’s call to you as a faith community.  All of this is to prepare you for your next step along the road, when a new clergy leader will come alongside as pastor.


So what have we done together in this past year?  My covenant with St. John the Apostle began January 1, 2017, and outlines responsibilities for leading processes of renewal and development while supporting the ongoing ministry of the parish.  This is a full-time assignment for a period of 12-18 months, and I have endeavoured to be as available as possible in the life of the community during my time with you. Attention needed to be paid to furthering priorities identified by the parish council and vestry in this past year.  These included adapting better communication strategies in the parish, moving forward on the unresolved building issues with some tangible tasks, and identifying and inviting individuals into parish leadership roles.


With your participation and skills, I have been involved in:


  • Finding new ways to help the parish communicate more effectively, including instituting the weekly E-postle emailing and encouraging the transition of the parish website to a more stable platform
  • Helping current groups understand their roles in the parish system through discussion and education, such as the Sources of Transformation Lenten series
  • Creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and ministry, with possibilities such as a liturgy resource group and archival group, and acting as a liaison between diocesan officers and facilitators and the parish
  • Equipping saints for ministry through job descriptions and ongoing training and support, such as a servers and sacristans training session and a workshop on home communions for pastoral visitors
  • assessing the order and use of physical spaces and furnishings, which has led to several areas being cleaned up, the choir room completely refurbished, and the parish hall refreshed, as well as provoking discussion of the function of future building projects
  • teaching as a means of promoting theological reflection for various ages through preaching, children’s talks, interaction with Godly Play and other formation groups, parish forums, book studies, and short series such as the stewardship focus month
  • Supporting the liturgical and pastoral life of the parish with the regular Sunday services as well as special events such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday with St. Andrews United Church, and the All Souls Night remembrance
  • Providing pastoral care to those who are housebound, ill or in hospital, and families who are in crisis or grieving the loss of loved ones
  • Acting as a resource to parish leadership and encouraging new gifts development


Highlights of 2017

St. Johns is generously graced by God with faithful and gifted lay and ordained leaders in the community.

It has been a great joy to work collegially with you all, and you are teaching me so much about being able to love yet hold you lightly in God’s care. I am especially enjoying the emerging ministries with younger persons through Godly Play and the connections across age ranges.  The depth of theological reflection in this community makes any formation group I have dropped in on very fulfilling, and I challenge you to keep deepening each other’s faith.  The time spent in education and community involvement with First Nations learning and the Port Moody Welcome Post Project was a highlight of 2017 and I pray that the community will go further in reconciliation work.


Outstanding Tasks

Part of my responsibility as interim priest has been to help the parish identify what healthy norms are for relationships within the parish, community, and diocese.  Some of the areas that I believe St. Johns still needs to work on are:

  • a consensus on information-sharing in the parish, e.g. the retention and distribution of parish lists
  • the reassessment of agreements for independent contractors and third-party renters and community groups
  • development of a communications strategy for the parish that will encompass signage, social media, and more connections in the wider community
  • a parish decision regarding the status of the Napier Street property and the scope and direction of redevelopment of the current parish buildings
  • inviting and mentoring different people into ministry roles and expecting to be changed by what they bring


I believe that the parish of St. John the Apostle is heading in the right direction.  My prayer is that you find courage to make those bold decisions, trusting the Holy Spirit works in community.


“God guides the humble in doing right and teaches holy ways to the lowly.

All the paths of the Lord are love and faithfulness to those who keep God’s covenant and testimonies.”                                                                                                                                        – Psalm 25:8-9


Respectfully submitted, the Rev. Stephanie Shepard





Warden’s Report


Since our 2017 Vestry, the Parish of St. John the Apostle has been as busy as usual.  During an Interim period a considerable amount of energy has been spent preparing for and entering into the Canonical process.  An Interim process allows us the luxury of getting caught up on things that are more housekeeping in nature rather than beginning major projects, ministries or initiatives as we prepare for the arrival of our new priest.


Over the past year, we have created job descriptions for all our volunteer and paid positions, completed required criminal record checks, conducted a sexual harassment seminar and attended racism seminars where required.  We have streamlined our process for keys to our buildings, renegotiated agreements with user groups and removed unused materials from our buildings.  We have begun an archival project to preserve and appropriately honour our photographs and important documents.


In light of the indecision on our buildings and understanding our new priest will be charged with a major capital project, we have been refreshing the parish hall and rooms to make the space more friendly and versatile.  We appreciate Michael Lau’s considerable expertise and the willing band of workers that helped polish the floor, paint walls and sort through cupboards.

After considerable time and energy collecting information, ideas and data, the Canonical Committee has a first draft of the Parish Profile.  Once the Diocese has had a first look to ensure we are on the right track, the parish will be asked to review and comment on the profile before seeking the final approval and posting of the document.  We anticipate recruitment will begin after Easter.


As the new Parish Council is elected for the 2018/19 year, thanks are in order to outgoing Council members.  This Warden’s Report is the last for Terry Walton and Maureen Simons who are both completing their Parish Council service.


Respectfully submitted, Terry Walton, Maureen Simons and Geri Grigg



Deacon Anne Anchor Annual Report for 2017


This year began for all of us with some sense of loss but excitement as Stephanie Shepard joined us as Interim Priest on the first Sunday in January.  Stephanie gently eased herself into our community and hearts and has been gently prodding us onwards ever since.


One thing that I find to be true about the community of St. John’s is that we are a resilient people and adapt, as needed, quite well to change. I have recently reflected on why this is and believe it has to do with the fact that we are centered on communal worship and listening to the heart of God as to where we are called to serve and witness. In an article that I recently read, by Kazimierz Bem a former international refugee law lawyer, and minister at First Church in Marlborough (Congregational) UCC in Massachusetts, he states ..


‘Worship is a central act of proclamation of God’s grace to us — in preaching and in faithful administration of sacraments. It needs to be robust, faithful, engaging — but its focus must be the God revealed to us in Jesus Christ, God’s free, abundant, deep grace and love shown for us on the cross.’ …he continues   ‘Yes, service is vital. I agree with Nicholas Wolterstorff that service is the part of worship after the assembly disperses into their daily lives. But unless our service is grounded in worship and an understanding that what we do is in gratitude for what God has done for us first, then we will end up as the all-too-familiar “Church of revolving doors.”’

I believe we do our liturgy well here at St. John’s and to me that means we are able to be faithful in our service in our daily walk in life.


This has been a full year as I continue to work with the community of teachers and helpers in building up Godly Play.


I have heard much positive feedback about this ministry and look to refining it over the next few months.


The summer program using the ‘First Principles of Learning’ made me so happy as many people responded to being a part of this shortened summer program. With Stephanie restarting the Children’s Talk the children are more engaged in the community.


The greatest experience this year for me has been learning so much more about Reconciliation and our First Nations people. My connection with Tasha Faye Evans who is coordinating the Welcome Post project in Port Moody has been a blessing to this community and me. She has helped us to open our eyes as to how we can continue to be a part of Healing and Reconciliation in our area. More work to do, more activities to come but we are intentionally beginning.


I continue with Education for Ministry and I believe this is part of how we can develop a better understanding of what it is we are being called to do after we have been enriched through worship. Debora Jones-Akiyama continues as the co-mentor and her presence is a real blessing to the group and to me. Our group has people from St. Stephen’s, St. Laurence and St. John’s so this is truly a Deanery ministry.


I have deeply missed my friend and fellow Deacon, Trudi. We have been through a lot together and although we meet occasionally as friends, her presence on Sunday morning as part of our enriching worship is greatly felt by me. I am the strongest supporter of her need for the Leave of Absence she is on but this does not stop the void I feel. Where God is calling her beyond this time has yet to be known.


As we move into the final steps to a new Parish Priest I feel this would be a good point to let you know that I have renewed my Covenant with the parish for 2018. This will stay in effect until the new person arrives. At this point I am required to offer my resignation and that person will decide whether to accept or not accept it. If I am to remain at St. John’s I believe I will be asked to stay, if not well then I will need to do some discernment as to where God is calling me next.



Thank you to all for your love and support of myself and my family, but also of each other in this community of faith. We are truly blessed by each other in God’s grace. May our doors not be revolving as we listen to God’s call in worship and in our daily walk.


Respectfully submitted- Deacon Anne Anchor


Deacon Trudi Shaw- Annual Report for 2017


When I sit down to write my annual report, I am always a bit challenged by the task of summing up a whole year in just a few words.  So I will begin by saying what a privilege it is to be a part of this community of faith, and to work with a dedicated and gifted leadership team.

What appears on the surface to be “business as usual” is often anything but.


Under Stephanie’s Interim Ministry, we have continued to grow as a community – in faith and in our understanding of our call to serve in the world.


Our worship continues to be central to our life, with many people contributing their gifts, (seen and unseen), to ensure it is inclusive, creative, lively, and gives us opportunities to mark life’s transitions – to learn and grow together in the presence of the living Christ.  Our life in community provides us with opportunities to minister to those around us and farther afield – and we are seeing new ministry initiatives help us serve the world in a variety of ways.

But we have also been working diligently on defining who we are as a community, and how the Spirit is moving us to grow into our future.   We have all had opportunities to contribute to this work, but the bulk of the responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the Parish Council, and especially the Wardens and other members of the Canonical Committee.  I give thanks for their dedication and passion to serve all of us in this way.


My own role as one of your deacons has been to support you as you endeavor to live into your own sense of how God has equipped you to be a minister in this parish, and in the world.  I am sometimes your cheerleader, mentor, or challenger – but always someone who loves you and prays for you.  I thank you for showing the same love and support for me in my work and vocation.


This past year has seen some substantial changes in my personal life.  After the traumatic events my family experienced over the previous few years, I realized I no longer had the energy or ability to continue supporting others in their life challenges, as my own pain kept getting in the way.  So I left my position as Chaplain at St. Jude’s late in 2016, and prepared to settle graciously into the role of “retired person” – while keeping up my involvement in the life of the parish and in my work with other organizations.


Last August, we attended our family’s 50th Anniversary Campout, and the dedication of a memorial garden for my brother Robert, at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Calgary.  It was both an emotional, and in some ways, cathartic experience –


but also a catalyst for change, as I  realized that my family were in need of the very healing gifts that God had given me to use in my vocation as a chaplain.

It seemed that God was helping me to understand that my call now had to include using my skills to help heal the trauma, grief, and separation that were a result of my brother’s kidnapping and murder.


I have been grateful for the patience and support of the clergy and lay leadership of the parish, but it became clear that in order to address this work, it would be necessary to let go of some of my parish and diocesan commitments.  After consultation with Archdeacon Bruce Morris and the clergy team and wardens, I decided to take a leave of absence from the parish for one year, beginning in early October.  It has been difficult to be away from you and the visible sign of your support, but I have had the pleasure of worshipping with my husband, my daughter and her family, and members of our extended family.  It has been a gift to simply sit in the pew, and participate in the service with no other responsibilities than to be present to Christ.


Though absent from you in person, I continue to be with you in my heart and in my prayers, and pray you will hold my family in yours as we stumble toward healing.


Yours in Christ, Deacon Trudi



Envelope Secretary’s Report for Year 2017



In 2017, 67 envelopes were issued, but only 60 were utilized. 61 Parishioners/Families donated by using pew offertory envelopes and 32 Families sanctioned Pre-Authorized Donations (PAD) on a monthly basis.


Should you wish to become an envelope subscriber, or join the PAD program, please approach our Treasurer – Chelsea Belyk or the undersigned.


Offertory envelopes, for Visitors as well as for Parishioners who wish to use them, can be found in the pews and are also available at the Greeters’ table.


Interim Contribution Statements were distributed in May and September 2017.


2017 Tax Receipts will be available in February 2018.



Below is a comparison of pledges for 2017 and 2018.









  No: 2017 No: 2018
General & Property Funds 60 $ 105,720 63 $ 127,218
Capital Improvement Fund


1 $ 180 1 $ 192
Food Bank 17 $ 5,148 22 $ 5,724


PWRDF 19 $ 406


18 $ 4902
Care & Share


9 $ 2208 10 $ 2,520



My thanks to all, especially, the counters who have assisted and contributed to making my job easier.


Respectfully submitted, Ruby Ng



St John’s Altar Guild Financial Report 2017


Balance Forward – Bank balance as of December 31, 2016     $ 645.49



Flower Donations                        $ 429.00

Candles                                      $  12.00

Weddings/Funerals                      $ 450.00

Total Receipts                           $891.00                                      $ 891.00

Total annual income                                                                    $ 1536.49



Flower Expenses                         $ 762.63

Bank Charges                             $   18.00

Total Disbursements                    $ 780.63                                     –$ 780.63                                   

Balance as of December 31st 2017                                               $ 755.86


­Respectfully submitted -Charlotte Robertson








St. John’s Altar Guild Annual Report – January 2018


Many thanks to the members of the Altar Guild:-  Charlotte Robertson, Sharon Cooper, Jan Castle, Lynne Milner, Roberta Oehlschlager, Rosa Weisensel, Mickey Marshall, Fay MacDonald,  Penny Lim, Ramona Howard, Deborah Jones – Akiyama, Bonnie Soo Chan  and Josephine Thien, for their dedication and hard work this past year.  A special thank you to Fran Gordon for the time she devoted to the Altar Guild. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.


We are hoping to find 2 parishioners to join our group who would be willing to work in a team of 4, on a 4 week rotation. Perhaps others would consider volunteering to help decorate the church at Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. If anyone is interested, please speak to a member of the Altar Guild, or phone Brenda Binns at 604 931 2482.


Charlotte Robertson continues as our treasurer depositing donations that are received and reimbursing members of the Altar Guild for flowers they have purchased for St John’s.


All contributions are gratefully received for the candles being lit in the chapel.


There is a new flower chart located in the Narthex, on the wall by the entrance to the Chapel. If you would like to place flowers at the Altar to recognize a special occasion, in memory of someone, or for whatever reason you choose, please write your name on the chart and a member of the Altar Guild will contact you.


If you would like to make a donation to the Altar Guild towards extra flowers to have in the church for Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may do so through your envelope.


Respectfully submitted, Brenda Binns



ACW Report for 2017


St. John’s Anglican Church Women generally meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month from September to June. Our meetings are usually held in the evenings but we have recently decided to meet in the afternoons in the winter months. We have an average attendance of approximately 22 members at each meeting, but also receive support and contributions for our outreach programs and various activities from many other women (and occasionally, the men) of the parish on a regular basis. The ACW meets to discuss and organize carious fundraising functions, as well as other aspects of supporting our parish and the community. From time to time we organize and participate in a through cleanings of the church facilities. St. John’s ACW members are also available to organize and serve refreshments following funeral services.

Some of our members attended the World Day of Prayer services at St. Catherine’s, Port Coquitlam and St. Alban’s Burnaby in March.


We held coffee and craft meetings throughout the year in preparation for the Spring Tea and the Fall Bazaar.


We stay well connected to the Diocesan ACW. A small group attended the Area meeting at St. Matthew’s Abbottsford in March and a few members also attended the Diocesan AGM in April at St. George’s Maple Ridge.


Our recent missions for the past year included:

  • Collecting used stamps, aluminum pull tabs, travel sized toiletries, used eyeglasses, used clean warm clothing and new layette (for newborn babies) items. These items are distributed to ACW Place and other agencies that use them for outreach and other fund raising efforts.
  • Collecting our “United Thank Offering” to donate to the Diocesan ACW for Diocesan outreach programs.
  • Organizing the sale of the Canadian Church Calendar to raise funds for the outreach programs.
  • Supporting the St, John’s Sunshine Box by coordinating this outreach and providing funds for supplies.
  • Supporting the St. John’s Family Food Bank by coordinating and assisting with the pick-up, sorting and packaging of Cob’s Bread. Some of our members also assist with organizing the Food Bank
  • Hosting the Seniors Tea. This event is held 4 times a year. We currently serve Dufferin Care Home and are looking to serve other care homes in the area.
  • Hosting a “Driver Appreciation” Luncheon for the POCOMO Meals on Wheels Society to recognize their volunteers who deliver to seniors in the Tri City area.
  • Providing refreshments for three memorial services.
  • Supporting the Mission to Seafarers, Syrian Refugee Fund, St. Jude Anglican Home, The Bird’s Nest, VST, L’Arche, Coming Home Society, Tri-City Women’s Center and St. John’s General Fund with both financial donations and occasional other practical assistance.
  • We also made a financial contribution to Brenda Lou-Hing for her mission work in Guyana
  • Donating to the Mission to Seafarers Shoe Box Christmas gift parcels, a large box of homemade cookies, as well as 20 pairs of warm socks and 3 bags of gently used and freshly laundered stuffed toys for their Thrift Store.
  • Preparing 23 baskets of Christmas goodies to deliver to some of St. John’s seniors and others who needed a little extra cheer.
  • Donating 200 new Christmas cards to the Burnaby Youth Detention Services for their youth to send out to family members.
  • Organizing the Spring Tea and Fall Bazaar parish fundraising events. These are our main fundraisers and last year (2017) raised a total of $8532.05. These funds are distributed mainly between the church’s general fund and our outreach projects. (see Antoinette’s financial report for further details)

The tenants of the ACW are prayer, work, stewardship and fellowship which we continue to uphold. St. John’s is blessed to have a significantly healthy membership of ACW women in our diocese. We work together in fellowship and friendship, supporting each other in various endeavours. We also appreciate the support we receive from the rest of the parish. All women of the parish are welcome to join us at any of our meetings or social functions.


Respectfully submitted by: Sue Hall





Statement of Receipts & Disbursements for the year ended December 31, 2017



          ACW Monthly Dues                                              322.50


Spring Tea                                                1,366.05

Bazaar                                                               604.00

Crafts/Display Case                                      235.00

Calendars                                                   187.00 (includes $26 from 2016)

Funeral Tea Donations                                       2,050.00

Wedding/General Donations                                   650.00

Meals on Wheels                                                    350.00

United Thank Offering                                              222.50

Pizza Night(s) Proceeds                                         181.00

AGM Lunch Reimbursement                                     40.00

TOTAL                                                          $6,208.05                       $6,208.05



St. John’s Capital Fund                                   1,500.00

Donations (Seafarers/PoCo Women/VST/       2,900.00

              St. Jude’s/Coming Home Society/Guyana/

             Bird’s Nest, L’Arche/Syrian Refugees)

Calendars                                                            150.00

ACW Annual Dues                                              264.00

Funeral/Wedding Tea Reimbursements           1,073.96

Sunshine Fund                                                  55.00

United Thank Offering                                      222.50

Miscellaneous        (AGM Lunch/Hot Socks/

Altar Guild/ACW Pins/President’s Purse/

             Pie Ingredients, etc.)                                         412.22


TOTAL                                                                     $6,577.68                  $6,577.68


Net Receipts/Disbursements for the year                                                     – $   369.63


Funds on hand January 1, 2017                                                      $2,620.29  


Funds on hand December 31, 2017                                                              $2,250.66  


Respectfully Submitted-Antoinette Woodman, Treasurer



From the Music Director


It continues to be a joy to serve as your Music Director.  I feel so fortunate to work with such an awesome group of choral singers.  I tell them that St. John’s is so very fortunate to have the individual choir members that it has to help lead congregational singing and glorify God through song.  They attend practices and services so faithfully and always come with spirited and positive attitudes.


We practice most Thursday evenings; taking a break from regular rehearsals in the summer.  We generally sing a special anthem at least twice a month from all styles, repertoire and cultures.


We are an inclusive and welcoming group that would encourage all people who like to sing to join us.  One does not need to be able to read music.  Not only does singing in a choir help one to glorify God but it has been proven to boost one’s mental and physical health and will improve one’s happiness quotient.


My sincere appreciation must be extended to Rev. Stephanie and Anne for their encouragement and steady support; and to every choir member for their commitment and efforts to contribute to the musical ministry of St. Johns.


Thank you for this opportunity to work among you.


Respectfully submitted, LaRee Mohr





A sincere thank you to all who graciously donate their time on an ongoing basis preparing coffee           and refreshments for both services on Sunday mornings.  A sign-up sheet for coffee duty is posted         on the bulletin board in the kitchen and we welcome new names in addition to the regulars who sign up throughout the year.


With the weekly donations the following supplies such as coffee, tea, sugar, napkins, juices and milk        are purchased and the balance is donated to the Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF).


Coffee hour is by donation for everyone.  Below is a breakdown of donations received and     expenditures during 2017:


Weekly Donations:                                                                                              $1,243.20


Minus:  Supplies                                                           $256.95

Fairly Traded Coffee                                          333.95

PWRDF                                                              652.30                           $1,243.20



Closing Balance                                                                                                       NIL


A huge thank you goes out to Mel and Betty who are responsible for purchasing all the supplies for   coffee hour.


Respectfully submitted-Antoinette Woodman




Food Bank- Lynn Milner


There has been an average of 20 – 30 people attending the Food Bank on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. The average number being fed from the groceries provided is approximately 52.


At this time we would like to thank Del Killacky for her many years of faithful service at the Food Bank. She has driven in from Maple Ridge to help with preparations for the lunch and serving lunch to the Food Bank recipients. Thank you, Del! You have been a blessing to all!


Respectfully submitted, Lynne Milner



Food Bank – Karen Evans



The Food Bank continues to thrive and help many families in need, our sincere thanks to all who support this ministry with their time, talent, and treasure.


Cobs Bread of Port Moody has been a valuable partner over the years providing bread and sweets for the clients of the Food Bank. We are ever grateful for their participation in helping those less fortunate in the community.


COSTCO of Burnaby once again stepped up and assisted us during the holiday season with the donations from the food drive bin that was located at the exit of their store. We are very fortunate that we were once again chosen as their charity for the contents of the bin, it helps to stock our shelves for months with non perishable items.


A special thanks to all the volunteers who help welcome the clients of the food bank on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month! Our volunteers are second to none as they prepare a delicious lunch and help with other tasks such as bagging items for distribution. I would be remiss to not mention Farah who comes in on the 1st Thursday with lunch for the food bank clients in memory of her son Sephir. We are very blessed to have so many wonderful people on board.


Thrifty Foods in Port Moody is our supplier for the items that we order for distribution to the families. To date this has worked out to be a good partnership as they honour the sale prices for us as well as they have set up a monthly order for Eggs and Milk, a welcome addition to the families in need.


Respectfully submitted, Karen Evans



Seniors’ Tea


This continues to be an outreach program to the community from St. John’s.  Due to declining attendance we have limited our Teas to 4 a year, February, May, September and November.  These were enjoyed by our guest from Dufferin Care Center and many of our own seniors not to mention the Glen Pine Singers and Flora & Friends who graciously provide entertainment.  In the New Year we will have a new group of approximately 10 new seniors coming from Belvedere Care Center.  There are approximately 10 volunteers to set up each Tea and others who provide transportation for our own parishioners.


Respectfully submitted, Ferne Malcolm



Prayer Circle Annual Report 2018


Prayer Circle is a service of prayer power and comfort for those dealing with stresses in their lives or the lives of others.


Example of stressors are an upcoming operation, recovery from an injury or surgery, illness, mental stress that makes coping with day to day life overwhelming. There are 18 Members who receive prayer requests as communicated by email from Sue Elliott Co-coordinator and they take time each day to address those prayer requests. After one week prayers are deleted unless a further request is made. Please feel free to direct all requests to me Sue Elliott at elliott.sue1@gmail.com


Respectfully submitted, Sue Elliott






Tuesday Study Group


12-14 people have been meeting for Bible Study on Tuesday mornings between 10:30 and noon. We study the Scripture readings for the upcoming Sundays and during the course of the year we have some special studies.


For example, this past year we studied about the ministry in the North, outlining their challenges and their sense of community. We also studied the book, “First Nations 101” which gave us a better understanding of the history of the First Nations people and inspired us to be more open toward the issues they are currently facing. During Lent this year we will be doing the Diocesan study of the Gospel of John.


Respectfully submitted,  Lynne Milner





The Sunshine Box is one of the many projects supported by our own A.C.W. members throughout the year.   A total of 105 cards were sent out to members of our Parish 8n 2017 for various reasons.  23 Christmas baskets and cards were also sent to some of our seniors, those in care homes and others to whom we wished to offer comfort.


Birthday Cards                            52

Get Well Cards                           22

Sympathy Cards                         11

Thinking of You Cards                 14

Baptismal Cards                            2

Welcome New Baby Cards   2

Wedding Cards                             2





Cash on hand – January 1st, 2017                                                            $ 9.75

          Received from A.C.W. – 2017                                                        $55.00


          Stamps and cards                                                               $54.75


Cash on hand January 1st, 2018                                                               $10


Stamps on hand January 1st, 2018 – 3


Respectfully submitted, Joan Scott



Parish Visiting Ministry – 2017


We are a group of 16 who, generally in pairs, visit those in our parish who are in care, in hospital or homebound.   At any given time there are approximately 12 parishioners receiving visits.


This year, with the Rev. Stephanie’s encouragement and guidance, we all learned how to share a home communion with those we visit.  In doing so we honoured Fran Gordon’s desire that those unable to be in church should be offered communion on a regular basis.  Fran herself is a grateful recipient of this practice. During the year we gave prayer shawls to some as a reminder that the people of St. John’s were remembering them.


We meet 3 to 4 times a year for sharing of news of the community, or further education and discussion.  Our May meeting was held in Pitt Meadows so we could refresh ourselves, body, mind and spirit with lunch, the meeting and a walk along the Fraser River.


The Rev.Trudi Shaw offered guidance and support to this group over many years until her leave of absence began.  Her compassionate heart has been an example to us all.

A very faithful group belongs to this team and Alma and I as coordinators are grateful for their steadfast commitment to this ministry.  Do you feel called to join us?


Respectfully submitted, Joanne Walton and Alma Oldenburg



Care Home Ministries with the Deanery Deacon


I began this new ministry officially in 2017, it has for me been a blessing of being able to reach out to the many seniors that are forgotten as they go into complex care.


It also has included being available to the Deanery churches to assist those without a deacon & being of help to the 3 churches that have deacons who have active ministries.

I presently do monthly services of either 1 with Morning Prayer and 2 reserved sacraments. These include Dufferin, Hawthorne, and Mayfair Terrace. I also visit for churches in our Archdeaconry at Nicola Lodge giving reserve sacrament. I still am involved at St. Michael Centre South Burnaby where I do one Sunday ecumenical service a month, an as a board member serving on Finance & Spiritual & Ethics committees, in the past year I also have attended St. Michael’s Hospice ministry at end of life for 2 individuals related to St. John/St Margaret’s parishioners.


St John the Apostle remains my parish church, and I thank you all for the ways you help me to bring Christ to those who cannot attend church.


Respectfully submitted, the Rev. Lilian Elliott



Stewardship Report 2017

October 2017 was Stewardship Month.  The theme was “Everything Belongs to God.”  There were 3 lay presenters for Stewardship. Rich Thompson. Christine Anchor and Sylvia Bradley.  Thank you very much for sharing with us. On commitment Sunday those who were present at church brought the envelopes to the Altar and placed them there.  There was a cake that read “This cake belongs to God”, which was shared by all.

Stewardship Reflection was done by Betty Moore and put in the E-apostle every week.  Thank you Betty.

148 stewardship envelopes where sent out to the members on the parish list.  66 forms were returned for 2018 as compared with 51 for 2017 and 64 for 2016.

Thank you to everyone who helped this year be a success. Your Stewardship committee was Betty Moore, Lizz Lawrence, Mary-Lou Kyle, and Teri Hazelton with support from Deacon Trudi.

Respectfully submitted, Teri Hazelton


Child Sponsorship Report


St. Johns sponsors a 9 year old girl in Ghana named Fakihatu Wun-Nam Zakaria.  Thanks to your donations, she is able to attend school with a uniform and supplies and receive nutritional assistance in a hot lunch program.  She wants to be a teacher.



Material provided by Chelsea Belyk


Liturgy Group Report


In May 2017, a new group formed to help with the worship life of St. Johns.  Members of the Liturgy group work under the interim or incumbent as chief liturgical officer to assist in the planning and celebration of liturgies in the parish.  The Music Director, parish Deacons, joins with representatives from the Altar Guild, the Choir, and sacristans/servers as well as any interested individuals to make up the group.


The hope is that this body will meet regularly (at least once a season) to plan coming worship events and to assess the ongoing spiritual life of the community, bring ideas and gifts to the group for celebrating liturgies and associated activities, and encourage other parishioners and interested parties to bring their ideas, concerns, or abilities forward for the good of the church.  Specific liturgy group members have responsibility for liaising with another group in the community, e.g. the Altar Guild.


The liturgy group met on May 15 to plan for the summer and October 16 to plan the Advent and Christmas seasons.  The group will continue in 2018 with the interim priest in charge and be ready to lend support to the new rector.


Respectfully submitted, Stephanie Shepard



























Napier Street Property Proposal


A motion to ask the Diocese for permission to sell the property at

6771 Napier Street in Burnaby


brief prepared February 1, 2018 for circulation to the members of St. John the Apostle, Port Moody in advance of the Annual Vestry meeting of February 18, 2018.



In the early 1970’s, the parish of St Margaret of Scotland built a new rectory next to the church property at 6771 Napier Street. The property was used as a rectory for quite some time but was eventually rented out as a private residence.  When the two parishes of St Margaret of Scotland and St John the Apostle merged in February of 2014, 6771 Napier became an asset to the merged parish.  The property has continued to be rented to the same tenants since that time.  The house appears to be more or less as originally constructed with no renovations being done, just maintenance and repairs.


Current Situation

Shortly after the merger, the property was inspected and some repairs undertaken as well as painting the exterior and trimming of trees.  The average net annual income for the years 2015 through 2017 was $14,866.


The current assessed value of the property at 6771 Napier Street is $1,672,000.  The average return on investment over the years 2015-2017 has been approximately 0.9%.


Options for the future 


1, Upgrade Napier Street for use as the Rectory

As you know, the parish is currently in the Canonical process to seek a new priest.

In the canonical committee discussions, the cost of housing in this area has been identified as a major factor especially for someone from outside the Diocese who may be considering whether to put their name forward for consideration.

If we were to offer the Napier Street property as a rectory again, it would need to be renovated.  With that in mind, the property has been inspected and the rough estimate to carry out renovations is $81,000.  This number could easily increase as additional work may be necessary once the work was under way.  This work would also take several months to complete.


2, Continue to Rent out the house

The recent inspection turned up some issues that need to be addressed if we continue to rent the property.  These include replacing windows and sliding doors, the perimeter fence and repairs to the sundeck.  Other issues may come up including replacing the furnace.  It is thought that doing this work could result in no net revenue for a year or two as the tenants may have to move out to complete the repairs and the cost of the repairs would be significant.



3, Sell the property and invest the proceeds.

A third consideration would be to sell the Napier Street property with the proceeds being invested in the Diocesan Consolidated Trust Fund (CTF).  Given the current assessed value, the condition of the property and costs associated with selling, it is thought that we may net approximately $1,500,000 from the sale.  The proceeds must be invested in the CTF and their use would be restricted to capital purposes which have been approved by the Diocese.  Income from the invested funds may be used to support the operating expenses of the parish.  The CTF has two options for investment, the Money Market Fund, which has returned an average of 0.9% annually over the last ten years, and the Balanced Fund which has an average annual return of 6.09% over the same period.  If the proceeds of the sale of Napier Street estimated at $1,500,000 were invested in the CTF with half in the Money Market Fund and half in the Balanced Fund, and the ten-year return on investment continues, the average annual return would be approximately $52,000.  Since these are mutual fund type investments, annual returns will vary and the deposits are not guaranteed.  It must be noted that the parish must seek the approval of the Diocese to sell the Napier Street property.


In addition to holding the funds in the CTF to generate revenue, with Diocesan approval it may be possible to use some or all of those funds to either purchase another rectory not requiring major renovations, carry out renovations to the Church to provide for mobility impaired access between the nave of the worship building and the hall, or for a larger project incorporating the improvement to access and replacement of the PMC with a purpose-built facility.


Any of these options would be subject to the approval of the Diocese.




The options for the Napier Street property are:

  1. renovating as a rectory,
  2. continuing to hold as a revenue property or
  3. selling and investing the funds in the CTF

Proposed Motion

The parish council at their meeting of January 29th voted to recommend to the Annual Vestry meeting that they support a motion to seek the approval of the Diocese to sell the Napier Street Property.  The following motion will be introduced at the Annual Vestry Meeting to be held on February 18th.


“It is moved that the parish of St John the Apostle empower the parish council to seek the approval of the Diocese of New Westminster to sell the property at 6771 Napier Street, Burnaby and deposit the funds in the Diocesan Consolidated Trust Fund.”








Godly Play Report


This has been a very good year for our Godly Play Program. We have been able to make some very positive changes and are looking forward to continuing that momentum. Over the summer we took a different approach to the spiritual education of our children and incorporated lessons from Canada’s First Nations communities into our program. The children loved hearing the different stories and making connections with Bible stories they have heard. The feedback from parents was very positive as well. We would like to acknowledge the parish in general for answering our call for helpers over the summer! We greatly appreciate the number of people who were willing to step up and help out. It’s wonderful to see that sort of support coming from the community and it’s so beneficial to the children to see the large number of people who want to engage with them! We had some changes to our teacher and helper roster in September and were so happy to find new people to help out with relative ease. We continue to grow our library of lessons, in large part because of Deacon Anne. Her continued hard work every week making materials for lessons not only saves our teachers time, it also saves the parish from the financial burden of buying everything already made. With the approval of the parish council and financial support of the parish we have recently been able to make some positive changes to our Godly Play room. New bookshelves brighten the space and make lessons accessible to our children. A new, bigger table allows for our growing children to sit more comfortably. And a new chime has been purchased to allow for the class to know when it’s time to come back up in a much more pleasant way! We are still looking at safe ways to open the room up and make it a bit brighter and more inviting for our young people.


Respectfully submitted, Christina Anchor


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