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Summer for the children

Last week we introduced the learning topic during the summer for the children, during the readings and homily.

They will be learning the ‘First People’s Principles of Learning’ The First Principle for last week was….

     ‘Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits and the ancestors’ and the image selected for this was the whale. Each principle is also a reflection of what they learn in Godly Play about God and Jesus.

A First Nations bear puppet, that we have named Ts’owton and means helper in Strait Salish, will be the leader to the class and return to the liturgy

This week the children will be introduced to the Second Principle….

Learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential, and relational (Focused on             connectedness, on reciprocal relationships and a sense of place).


The symbol chosen for this is the wolf.

These summer  sessions have been prepared by Christina Anchor and Deacon Anne.  

“The Parish of St. John the Apostle is called to be

*          A Spirited Community at the heart of Port Moody

*          transformed through the experience of the presence of Christ

*          and sent out to share God’s Love”

– mission statement


Yours in Christ,



Upcoming Dates

July 16- guest preacher and presider the Rev. Peter Smythe, Mission to Seafarers

July 17- 7:30-9 pm, Beer & Bible at the Parkside Brewery, 2731 Murray Street, Port Moody

July 23- “Hymns from a Hat” Sunday

July 26- 9:30 onwards, Coffee & Crafts in the hall


Stewardship Reflection
Do we put God First in our lives?

Financial resources and their proper use are a popular theme in the Bible.We are expected to make informed and appropriate decisions about our resources. What do we now have? What do we now give away? How might we be encouraged to take a step in faith beyond that and gradually increase giving to 1 %, 2 % or 3 % of income until a definition of a tithe is achieved? Glen Mittchell

 Prayer Cycle

In the Anglican Communion- Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby; Primate of Canada Fred Hiltz; BC & Yukon Archbishop John Privett; our partner Diocese of Northern Philippines, Bishop Brent Alawas, and especially the people of our twin church at St. Johns Mission, Bila, Mountain Province;

Diocese of New Westminster Bishop Melissa Skelton, and this week:

St. Mary Magdalene, Vancouver – The Reverend John Marsh

The Deanery of Kingsway, The Reverend Heidi Brear, Regional Dean   The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada- National Bishop Susan Johnson, BC Synod Bishop Greg Mohr;The brothers and sisters who share our worship space: The Port Moody Korean Presbyterian Church and the Polish Evangelical Church.


Cookies for Mission to Seafarers

Whether it be local, national or international, the global network of Mission to Seafarers centres ( offer a warm and hospitable “home away from home,” for those who visit the worlds ports.  As we welcome the Rev. Peter Smythe this weekend, we also invite you to bake a few batches of cookies for Rev. Smythe to take back and share those treats with those who would appreciate them the most!! Your donation of cookies for the Mission is greatly appreciated!

Thanks to you, $379,000 is eligible for government Famine Relief matching fund

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund is pleased to report it has received $379,000 in donations toward famine relief. These funds will be matched 1:1 in the federal government’s Famine Relief Fund, which ran from March 17 to June 30, 2017.
Using $20,000 of its equity in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWRDF has already supported an ADRA (Adventist Relief and Development Agency) South Sudan food distribution project.
Over the coming weeks and months, PWRDF will be funding projects in the worst affected countries under the direction of Humanitarian Response Coordinator Naba Gurung and members of PWRDF’s Development Team. “PWRDF will continue to support the work of ACT Alliance members and forums who have long experiences in applying community-based approaches,” says Gurung.
Churches and individuals responded to the desperate need in amounts large and small. “Having just spent two weeks in East Africa, meeting with farmers, business people, government officials and church leaders, including those from Somalia, Burundi, Kenya and South Sudan, I know the needs are high and that support is critical and life-saving,” says PWRDF’s Executive Director Will Postma. “PWRDF, with our partners on the ground, are grateful for prayers and this funding, from all across Canada. It’s an amazing show of support and solidarity.”
The federal fund matching period has ended, but PWRDF is still accepting donations to its Famine Relief Fund as the need continues. THANK YOU!


Readings for Pentecost 7:  July 23, 2017 

Genesis 28:10-19a; Romans 8:12-25; Matthew 13:24-30 and 26-43

 Important Contact Information

Interim Priest– The Rev. Stephanie Shepard or 778-773-6816

Parish Office– Karen Evans or 604-936-7762

Wardens– Geri Grigg Terry Walton terry&  Maureen Simons or through the parish office

Treasurer– Chelsea Belyk

Parish Council– Adelaine Miller, Secretary

St. John Prayer Circle– Sue Elliott

Pastoral Visiting Ministry– Joanne Walton terry&

or Alma Oldenburg

Anglican Church Women (ACW)- Sue Hall 604-936-0176



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