Parish Council Minutes – August 2010



Rector’s Report

Fall study opportunities – Grant has ordered a discussion guide on the Book of Amos for Tues am Bible Study.

A men’s study group will be established in the fall.

Grant reported that there is available from the Diocese office a set of DVDs featuring Diana Butler Bass, Marcus Borg, and Brian McLearan which feature 9 lectures, each an hour long.

Grant, Ann and Trudi have discussed alternate ways of responding to requests for Baptismal preparation, in addition to  the Journey Program.   Grant mentioned that the Via Media  program is available which could be rented for $70 and used to augment existing programs.  He suggested doing it in the Spring as a Lenten program.  Grant is open for suggestions for new study ideas for in the fall.  These studies are valuable to help connect new people in the Parish with existing parishioners.  

Books for Charity Tony informed Grant of a fund raising opportunity . There is a book store in New Westminster that is closing and would like to give its approximately 30,000 books to charity.  It is unknown at this time what kind of books the store sells, but this could be lucrative.   Grant will look into this and let us know.

Liturgical event ideas – Grant talked about having monthly liturgical events such as “Blessing of Pets”. A discussion followed as to the logistics of this and when it would occur ie on a Sunday or another day.  Grant will ponder this idea some more and discuss at the next council meeting.

Grant also presented another idea for discussion which was in relation to current events and the deeper issues around practice of Christian faith in response to these issues, ie looking at what’s going on in the world today and reflecting on those issues. 

Treasurers Report

Bonnie reported on the June and July statements.    We have a deficit year to date of $12,572.

Deposits to the church to date for Vacation Bible School for this year are just over $1000, therefore the cost to the church this year to run Vacation Bible School was only $300 of the budgeted $1300.  We received confirmation that we have received our charitable status for another year.   Following Lillian MacDonald’s service, donations were made out to the PWRDF in memory.  It was discussed that perhaps we need to redesign envelopes and indicate lines for donations to the church or other charities and include the PWRDF. 

Property Report

Fire inspection will be done on Sept 1 2010. The handrail on the steps at the back of the church has been damaged by skateboarders. The cost to repair is $250. It was agreed that this was a safety issue and would need to be replaced preferably with a steel railing. 

Motion was made to repair the hand rail with a steel railing.  M / S John Binns / Julianna Kyle  Carried                                  

The roof on the shed requires repair and should be done before winter.  Mike  and John have volunteered to reroof the shed by the end of Sept.


The initial letter for kick off of our Stewardship Campaign will be in the next Apostle. 

Pledge forms will be available by the end of Oct.

Trudi will get some speakers to come in to highlight our campaign and it was mentioned that we would like to have some parishioners also speak on stewardship moments.  Pledge Sunday is proposed for Nov 21. New Business

Sept 12 – Parish Picnic – Karen is coordinating the food for the picnic – volunteers are needed to help with preparation

Sept 18 – Parish Dance – Antoinette is again organizing this event.  This year we are hoping to get more parishioners out to the dance.

Vacation Bible School – This was a roaring success. 30-35 adults participated in preparation and during the week.  A large percentage of children were from the outside of the Parish.  There were many positive comments and some thank you notes received.