Council Minutes for March , 2010




Council met with Paul Borthistle of the Diocese on March 8th to complete the Parish Mission Review prior to commencing MAP.

Maureen Simons has accepted our invitation to be our MAP local leader and she attended the meeting for a short time to discuss the process.    We need a MAP team and Maureen will approach others she feels are a good fit.   One of the team members should be on council.  The MAP leader will be involved in regional and parish meetings but the members of the team will only be involved in parish meetings.    We are very grateful to Maureen for accepting this position.


Parish Visiting Team

This group has carried out a valuable ministry for many years, team members were commissioned and we will continue to encourage and support their ministry.

Rector’s Report

The first Worship Committee meeting was held.   One of the ideas that came out of the meeting was the Lenten Liturgical Art at the foot of the altar.

Reminder of the movie “This Dust of Words” on Friday, March 26th that will be held in the church.

Grant would like to arrange a meeting with Church School leaders and concerned parents.

We need to consider nominations for the Order of New Westminster which is for outstanding lay people serving at parish or diocesan level.

Grant had a very productive lunch meeting with Pastor Lee of the Korean Church.   They both committed to working together more in the future.

The timing of the Lenten Retreat Day was not convenient.  Another Retreat Day will be planned in the future.

Another parish is interested in obtaining the stained glass windows from St. John the Divine.   Laurie Fox volunteered to take some photographs that Grant can share with the congregation after the Sunday service.

Grant had circulated some information from a web site provider who has submitted a quotation but we find the cost prohibitive.   We need to make sure that a new web site is easy to use and that we can administer it ourselves.

Treasurer’s Report
The envelope receipts were $2,000 less than last month.   Our total receipts year to date are $26,547 which is $3,500 below budget.    Our actual deficit year to date is ($2,847).   There was very little activity in the funds which total $21,758.60.     Our mortgage balance was $770.58 which was paid off on
March 4th.

Property Report
The car park light has been fixed. 

All the gutters on the church and on the house have been cleaned.

The floodlight bulbs have been replaced.

There is an electrical fault in the light fixture at the entrance and John will take it home and try to rebuild it.

The neighbours have been working on their property and there is a drainage pipe pointing towards the church, a situation we should probably investigate.

We should take off the locks on the top and bottom of the glass door in the entrance.

Anne Anchor commented that Paul Borthistle was very impressed with the outside appearance of the church and we extend thanks to John and Brenda Binns for their dedicated care of the building.

One of our parishioners has volunteered to go up onto the roof and install the bell pull in the tower.

The chairs downstairs have been put onto trolleys with wheels in order to move them around more easily.

A meeting of the Stewardship Committee will be arranged soon. 

Communication Plan – Promotion and Publicity
Amanda Mungal is not able to continue putting together the “Apostle” so Karen Evans has volunteered to do this.    Amanda will be able to do one more edition.  

We need a point person to keep track of promotion and publicity opportunities and we should approach the parish to see if we have anyone with that kind of expertise.   This appeal will go into the next “Apostle.”     One suggestion was to compile a calendar page at the beginning of each month so that people can keep track of events.

Trudi suggested that we might check out the cathedral Facebook page for ideas.

 We should encourage people to take home the announcement page in the bulletin.   

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit     

John Warren advised that this non-denominational conference takes place at a local church on August 5th and 6th and is an all-day event.   He commented that the level of knowledge and insight introduced by the well-known speakers is phenomenal and he will provide more information at the next meeting.