Condensed Council Minutes for Jan. 2010




Food Bank

Grant will send a letter of thanks to Joyce Halliday for her dedicated service to the Food Bank.   We believe that a letter has been sent to St. Andrew’s thanking them for their donation of surplus food to the Food Bank.

Judy Graves

Judy Graves will visit us on March 26th at 7:00 pm.   We will obtain the DVD “This Dust of Words” (from the Synod office), which is a study of life on the street and Judy will facilitate discussion about the movie.   .

Rector’s Report

Grant attended a conference sponsored by the United Church called “Stepping Out.”  One of the things that came up was how important it is to have a dynamic web site that will speak to people looking for a church.   Grant will obtain some information about web sites and bring it to the next council meeting.  There is someone in the parish experienced in this type of work who has offered his expertise.

There is a meeting on February 10th at 7:00 pm at St. Margaret of Scotland regarding the MAP program.  The clergy and wardens should attend.

We propose having a themed service once a month based on current issues.    During Lent someone from PWRDF will be speaking and we will tailor the service around this theme.     We propose holding an open meeting to discuss the nature of our worship on February 28th at 7:00 pm for anyone interested in talking about the worship of the parish.

Grant will investigate what is available as Lenten material to be handed out to the congregation during Lent.

The Retreat on January 23rd was very good and Grant commented that the participants were very courageous as most of them had not been to a retreat before.    Grant would like to offer another Retreat later in Lent.

The Tuesday morning Bible Study will be studying Job and the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Grant proposes a Men’s Study Group on Thursday evenings, the subject being “Adam’s Return” by Richard Rohr.

Grant suggests a movie night every other Friday night either at Grant and Sue’s house or at the movie theatre followed by a discussion of the film.   This is a Lenten initiative that might be continued after Lent if it is successful.

We propose repeating our Wednesday evening service with Taizé music during Lent.

Grant has information on the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster.   There is a March 31st deadline to nominate anyone who has served in the parish on a long-term basis.    We should consider who we could nominate.

Grant suggested a pot luck supper on Easter Eve and he will incorporate a liturgical dimension.

Elections Canada would very much like to use our premises again.

Grant met with Paul Strudwick and agreed to do another pulpit exchange during May.

Treasurer’s Report

General offerings in November amounted to $11,000 which was close to the budgeted amount of $12,442 and $16,000 below budget year to date.   Expenses were close to those budgeted and the deficit stood at $11,762.

During December we received several large donations resulting in offerings of $28,000.    $5,192 will be deposited into the Mortgage Reduction Fund and the year end surplus is $72.

Our mortgage balance is $2,725.14 and should be paid off by March 2010.

The parish also donated $5,773 to PWRDF, $1,870 to Going the Extra Mile and $1,413 to the Gaza Hospital during 2009.

Budget Report

Bonnie circulated copies of the proposed budget of $180,000 for the year.  

Terry proposed that we add the amount of $1,200 budgeted for a Youth Minister to the line entitled Youth and name it Youth Ministry.

St. John the Divine in Burnaby has unfortunately closed and the parish has obtained some items from them.  The stained glass windows are still available.

The pastor and some members of the Korean Church will meet with our clergy and wardens.  We have asked them to increase their donation for the use of the premises.   We are open to discussion as to what they can afford.

Property Report

Two units of floodlights need to be repaired.   The light in the back needs to be fixed.  The door in the front needs weather stripping.

Claire asked about lawn and yard maintenance. 

Garbage is being dumped in the parking lot and we need to contact the By-Laws Officer to put up a sign.

Stewardship Report

Bonnie reported that seven more parishioners have enrolled in the pre-authorized donation program.


Margaret preached her first service at St. John’s on Sunday and did very well.

Anne Anchor suggested a Retreat during the weeks following the Vestry meeting to include present and new members of council, similar to what has been held in the past.