April 2010 Condensed Council Minutes




Lori Matthes attended to discuss Church School.   Church School members would like to personalize their space with a banner, pictures etc. to make it more child-friendly.   It was suggested a games or movie or activity night be held one Saturday evening a month followed on the Sunday by a family service.

Another suggestion was that we might create a Church School banner that the children can process behind, and also a Church School song.   The objective is to provide an environment that the children enjoy more.  We should also publish the names of the Church School teachers of the day in the bulletin. 

 The council meeting continued and was chaired by Sharon Cooper.

Wills Seminar

Thursday, June 3rd was selected as the date we should propose to the lawyer offering this seminar.


Parish Council Representative for MAP team

Claire Prentice has volunteered to be the Council rep. and we extend our thanks to Claire.

Parish Visiting Team

Trudi suggested that she will meet with Grant to discuss the Parish Visiting Team.

Worship Committee

A meeting will be held on Thursday, April 29th.

Communication Plan

Karen Evans will discuss with Amanda Mungal who will put together the Apostle, taking into consideration that Amanda has a very busy schedule at this time.   We will ask the congregation to submit items two weeks ahead of the scheduled Apostle.


Facebook is being used by many churches as a supplement to their web page.  There was some discussion as to the security of Facebook and Trudi Shaw and Laurie Fox will put together a presentation for Council so that we are in possession of more information about this networking program.

Our web site uses the Word Press web management system and we are having problems with this application   We will poll the congregation to see if anyone is sufficiently knowledgeable about Word Press to be able to assist us.

Rector’s Report

Motion that we hold a pot-luck luncheon on Pentecost, May 23rd after the 10:00 am service.          

                                                                                                            M / S Grant / Karen Evans


Grant proposed doing something creative with the Pentecost liturgy, and one of his ideas was to ask everyone to wear red – the Pentecost colour.

Grant has been asked by the Bishop to lead the Retreat for the postulants to the Diaconate and to preach at the Ordination of Deacons on June 27th.

The deadline for nomination of candidates for the Order of New Westminster is early in May and nominations can be done through the parish office.

MAP Process:  The first meeting will be held on September 25th from 9:00 am to 12 noon at St. Laurence, Coquitlam and we have been asked to provide our choice of dates for the October meeting.   We would prefer October 16th.

Treasurer’s Report
Actual receipts for the month were $11,252 which is $3,748 below budget.   Our deficit year to date is $7,168.   The wardens will write a letter to all parishioners advising them of our current financial status which will be distributed in May.

A parishioner donates $300 each year towards sending a child to Camp Artaban and we have been sending two children every two years.    We have received a donation of $120  from another parishioner this year, making a total of $720:  the cost of sending two children to camp is $850.

Motion that we withdraw $130 from the B.M.E.F. Fund as the balance of the cost of sending two children to Camp Artaban this year.

                                                                                                            M / S Grant / Trudi Shaw

Terry proposed posting in the Apostle the names of the children attending Camp Artaban this year.

We have been asked to display signs about Camp Artaban but under the city by-law we have to pay $100 to do so.    We will write a letter of concern to City Council and we will advise Camp Artaban that we are being charged for putting these notices up on our property.

Motion that we pay $100 from the B.M.E.F. to the City of Port Moody for display of the Camp Artaban notices                                                                                   M / S Anne Anchor / Trudi Shaw

Property Report
Stained Glass Windows:   The parish of St. Stephen’s the Martyr, Burnaby, would like to have the stained glass windows from St. John the Divine.     Parish Council has received a letter from them detailing their plans for installing the windows.    In light of St. Stephen’s plans, we will make a presentation to the congregation on Sunday and bring it to the next Council meeting.     

John Binns will hire someone to install the bell pull in the tower.

Event Calendar

Karen is asked to post a calendar page on her office door containing all the events that are booked and are taking place during the month.  Parishioners should also call the office to check availability.

Stewardship Committee

Trudi Shaw will stay on as Chair.   We need more committee members.   Trudi will write an article for the Apostle and will also approach people personally to invite them to join the committee