Food Bank

Karen has asked if the Food Bank is interested in receiving milk donations from an outlet in Coquitlam. Will ask Karen to find out more details.

The clients have changed the name of the Food Bank to The Family Food Bank and everyone on council approved the change. We will ask Bill Shields to change the name on the sign.

The clients were relieved to hear that the Food Bank will not be changed drastically or be discontinued. Our Food Bank is unique in that it provides a gathering place, it has a social aspect, and information on other resources available to them is passed between clients. We have extra perks such as school supplies and the Christmas lunch, clients can choose what food they want and it is more flexible than most food banks. They would welcome increased volume and Trudi suggested that we might contact schools and enquire if there are any families that may want to use our food bank. Advertising in employment and community centres would also be a good idea. We will ask Melody to draft a document and refer it to council for approval.

Grant reported that the Christmas lunch was very successful.

The donations we receive for Cob’s bread are presently covering our cost to Quest. Karen forwarded a report advising that the bread program has raised $1,653. Council has allotted Joyce the sum of $400 to purchase protein-rich foods. We are always grateful for extra volunteers to help in collecting and bagging the bread and we will put a note to this effect in the bulletin. Sharon suggested that a sign-up sheet be put up downstairs. St. Barnabas in New Westminster would be happy to take anything that we have left over.


December was not a very good month because of the impact of the snow. We were $2,000 below budget on the income side, resulting in a deficit for the month of -$1,790. However, we finished the year with a surplus of $214. Fund-raising during the year resulted in the sum of $7,000 but none of this was used for general expenditures.

Our mortgage amount outstanding at the end of 2007 was $53,000 and at the end of 2008 it was $29,000. There is also $3,938 in the Mortgage Reduction Fund which will be applied to the mortgage.


Cedric circulated copies of the proposed budget of $183,400 for the year. This is a 2% increase over last year’s budget. We need an increase in income of approximately 23% in order to meet this budget and we will advise Vestry accordingly.


The Bishop has notified us that he will be visiting on October 25th, 2009


Terry and Grant met with members of the Korean Church and agreed to their request that we accept $1,000 per month for the use of the premises as previously. They have a new pastor who wishes to expand their program and use the church more extensively than before. For special occasions outside their usual programs, they will donate extra funds. Grant would like us to develop closer bonds with the Koreans and he has invited them to attend a Sunday service. He would like to encourage them to interact with us more fully and will set up a further meeting with them to explore this possibility.


Eight people participated in our carol singing evening. The group visited several parishioners and sang carols for them and ended the evening with refreshments at Anne Hollinworth’s house. It was a very enjoyable evening.


John has made four new kneelers and is waiting for the weather to improve so that he can stain them.

John is trying to find some mercury vapour lights similar to the present ones for the rear of the church.

The snow removal crew has been here six times but have only charged us for four. The rate is $250 for each clearance which is a very reasonable price.

Ten 100 watt and seven 60 watt bulbs need to be replaced in the church. We need to put up scaffolding to do this.


Tim Hunt will not be returning to council this year and Tony is so busy that we will not ask him to run for another year. Juliana is joining us as a full council member and Nigel has agreed to be our Youth Delegate. Everyone else is returning to Council. We would like to appoint another Warden in Training as Claire is stepping down. However, she is staying on Council as either a Synod Delegate or alternative Synod Delegate. Pronella Daniel is also joining us as a Member at Large. We still need a new Treasurer and ask everyone to pray. We will print out a job description which will show that this position is not as time consuming as it appears. Bonnie provides a great deal of support to the Treasurer.


Was cancelled for lack of support.


April 25th has been selected as the date for the Spring Tea by the ACW.


Don Grayston conducted a Memorial Service at St. John’s on Saturday, January 24th and ACW provided the reception afterwards, which was very well received. The ACW asked for a per head donation, which raised the question as to where we stand in general in providing services for weddings and funerals for people who do not attend our church. Grant advised that he has a form that covers all contingencies which he discusses with the family when arrangements are being made. He would like clarification on whether we should allow catered receptions or simply appoint the ACW as the official caterer. Grant will attend the next ACW meeting to discuss these matters.


The choir members propose hosting a multi-cultural evening. This will be a parish pot luck event and attendees will be encouraged to bring a traditional dish from their native country. Trudi commented that Pentecost, which is May 31st, might be a good time to hold such an event.


Grant suggested holding the Pancake Supper on Ash Wednesday, prior to the evening service, and to mark the beginning of Lent. He believes that eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is not really relevant any more and some people find it difficult to attend a church event on both evenings.


It has been proposed that we hold a Taizé type meditation service on Wednesday evenings during Lent, followed by a discussion time, from February 26th onwards. The service will be held from 7:00 to 7:30 pm and the discussion from 7:30 to 8:00 pm. Anne will ask the youth group if they would like to officiate at one of the Lenten services. There will be a morning service on Ash Wednesday.


Grant suggested a parish party to be held on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. This will incorporate some of the elements of the Easter Vigil with a pot luck meal.

There will be the traditional Maundy Thursday evening service in Holy Week and services on Good Friday will be held at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

The next Council Meeting will be held on March 2nd, 2009

The regular March Council Meeting will be held on March 30th, 2009.