Council Meeting Minutes –




Food Bank Quest recently moved from one warehouse to another resulting in no delivery on one of our Food Bank days.    Despite our best efforts to shop for supplies for that week, it was brought home to us that the amount and variety of food supplied by Quest is beyond our capacity to provide.  Costco and other stores have responded positively to Karen Evans’ appeal for provisions.

Judy Graves  has indicated that she is willing to come and speak to us on the subject of mental illness and homelessness, but she is away at present and we cannot finalize arrangements.    We believe we should invite other churches in the area to join us for a talk by Judy followed by a film.

Church Depot Session  Grant and Anne Anchor and Lizz attended.   We need to promote these events so that members of the congregation have the opportunity to participate and we will put an item in the “Apostle.”  There were approximately 200 people in attendance.    The theme was “Spiritual but not Religious” and Anne’s group felt that the Church is becoming more spiritual in its practices.

Announcements The schedule for people to make the announcements has run out and we need to generate a new list.  Grant felt that it would be better for people to come up to the microphone for the announcements so that they can be heard even at the back of the church.   Trudi suggested that we invite people in the congregation to be a part of this ministry.

Rector’s Report  Grant distributed an information leaflet about the next Church Depot entitled “Renewing Anglican Worship” and suggested that it would be good if at least six people attended from St. John’s.

Grant was very pleased with the parish welcome to the Bishop when he visited on Sunday.  He thanked all the people who provided the luncheon and cleaned the church premises inside and out.   Ann Adair –Austin made special mention of Brenda Binns who worked for three days to ensure everything was shipshape.   

Karen Evans was approached by Big Brothers regarding a project whereby they will pay us $2.50 for each garbage bag full of clothes that we can collect and Grant asked if this is something we could involve the congregation in doing.   Ann Adair-Austin pointed out that in the winter we collect warm clothing for W.A. House to send to the Northern communities, but that we could participate in such a program in the spring.

Treasurer’s Report  Offerings decreased to $9,000 at the end of September and receipts year to date are still $20,000 below budget.    We received $1,391 in Special Donations during the month principally for weddings.    Expenditures were close to budget.  The deficit at the end of September was $18,284.

Stewardship Report   The Committee is preparing a package that will go out to all parishioners, including a letter, a pledge form and an invitation to a celebration lunch.    It was agreed that we should send these out electronically where possible and this will save on the cost of postage.     We will continue to have weekly bulletin inserts until the celebration of Christ the King and then we will print them monthly throughout the year.    Our objective is for the congregation to make the connection that their offerings are used for the ministry of the church and Anne Anchor suggested that we send out the stewardship bulletins electronically also to ensure that they reach those people who are not in church every week

We are having difficulty in recruiting people to speak about their personal stewardship.   Trudi asked for members of Parish Council to consider doing this as it is important for us to model a life of good stewardship.

The celebration lunch will be held on November 15th.

Property Report

Ø  the hot water tank failed on Thanksgiving Monday, flooding the furnace room.:

Ø  the failed lights in the church were replaced prior to the Bishop’s visit:

Ø  the lawn mower is malfunctioning and John will investigate the reason why:

Ø  The yard was mowed, the flower beds weeded, front hedge trimmed and car park leaves removed prior to the Bishop’s visit.  We will need a final leaf removal day and gutter unblocking of the PMC in mid-November, weather permitting.

Terry also reported that we are very short of chairs.    We must try to find replacements.     We are also having trouble with the folding tables.   Three of them were replaced under a lifetime warranty from Costco and now another one needs to be replaced.   It appears the tables were damaged by overloading and / or people trying to force them closed when putting them away.

Grateful thanks to Kevin Adair Austin for providing us with scaffolding and for climbing up to replace the light bulbs.

Hospital Visiting Ministry   The hospital visitors have made a decision to discontinue their visits to local care homes.   The number of volunteers has diminished and they have been unsuccessful in recruiting others to join them.   It is also becoming increasingly difficult because of the Privacy Information Act rules and regulations.  They are not being given access to Anglicans and are told that their visits are not needed.    The groups will continue to visit people in their homes who are sick.  Trudi requested some kind of recognition for the work the hospital visitors have been doing.    We would like to honour them by asking them to come forward, thanking them for their ministry and blessing them.

Seniors’ Tea   Handi-Dart will only transport seniors from Dufferin Care Home to St. John’s so long as they are back at their point of origin by 1:30 pm.   This would mean changing our afternoon tea to a coffee morning.    Trudi emphasized that visits to St. John’s for afternoon tea have been one of the highlights of the seniors’ week and will be sorely missed if we have to discontinue this event altogether.

Church School Expense     We have received a letter from the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada appealing for donations for victims of the recent severe flooding in Africa.    We already support a foster child through this organization.   Terry believes that making a donation would be very beneficial in making the children aware of the need to help out in these dire situations.

Motion that the Sunday School donate from the Church School funds an amount of $100 for the special request from the Christian Children’s fund to help victims of flooding in Africa.

Schedule for Christmas – Counters

Anne will advise Amanda Mungal that we need to plan for counters for the Christmas services.

Margaret and Paul Powers will be attending St. John’s on November 22nd to pick up the turtles made by Vacation Bible School and will take them back when they return to the Caribbean to distribute to underprivileged children.          

Tony has requested that we hold the Remembrance Day service on Sunday evening, November 8th.

We have been asked by Elections Canada if they can use our hall for the upcoming by-election.   Grant believes it will provide a good connection to the community.    We will receive payment of approximately $1,800 for the use of our premises.