Condensed Council Minutes






Trudi Shaw, Lizz Lawrence and Penny Lim attended the Stewardship Conference on September 25th and 26th and Trudi prepared a report that Lizz presented to Council.   Pledge Sunday will be held on November 15th followed by a simple meal.  We would like to offer a Healthy Money Habits Workshop in the spring as part of our outreach to the greater community.   We wish to develop resources to assist members in identifying their spiritual gifts.  Lizz also asked if we could provide a Narrative Budget along with the regular Budget.  She also suggested providing a breakdown of contributions, which would of course, be anonymous, as a helpful tool.

Karen pointed out that the same group of people are taking on all the tasks that need to be done and we should come up with a way to involve a broader section of the congregation.    Juliana suggested that we should advise the congregation of all the opportunities available for them to serve and would be willing to speak about this at the 10:00 am service.    Laurie would like job descriptions to be available so that people can see what the time commitment is and whether it would be a suitable task for them to take on.

Council voted unanimously to adopt the Report                                Lizz Lawrence / Grant Rodgers

Rector’s Report

Grant has been advised of a 60 minute film entitled “This Dust of Words” that deals with mental illness and homelessness.   The diocese has purchased a copy of the movie and will lend it out for a week for a cost of $30.  Judy Graves who is the Housing Advocate for the City of Vancouver is willing to facilitate parish conversations on this film.  Grant has contacted her to enquire if she can visit St. John’s and we need to co-ordinate a date for this visit.

Motion that we allocate $30 for the loan of this movie                       M / S Lizz Lawrence / Anne Anchor

We are reminded of the next meeting of Church Depot at St. Laurence on Saturday, October 17th the theme of which is “Spiritual but not  Religious.”

Grant has the study groups sorted out and is gratified that thirty people were interested in participating.

Four people attended the Male Spirituality Workshop facilitated by Mathew Fox.   Grant is considering following up with some kind of male spirituality group.

Grant and Trudi attended the criminal checks seminar offered by the Diocese.   All clergy are now required to have a criminal record check and, within three years, anyone with a position of trust within the Church will be required to have a criminal record check.

Treasurer’s Report

Bonnie is on vacation but had provided Terry with a written commentary.  General Offerings increased to $12,000 this month due to there being five Sundays in the month and also because of increased giving.    Special donations, fundraising and miscellaneous receipts added another $2,559.    Expenditures were close to budget.                                                                               

Motion that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented          M / S Terry Walton / Karen Evans



Grateful thanks to all those involved in the picnic and the dance which were both a great success.    Approximately 80 people attended the dance on September 26th.    The DJ was excellent, everyone took to the floor and  a good time was had by all.

Wills Seminar
Karen will e-mail the lawyer concerned asking for a list of dates when he is available and will pass that information along to council.

We have a schedule in place for those making the announcements at the 10:00 am service, but there are still gaps in the schedule.   

Fall Fest
This fund-raising dinner will be held on November 21st and the bazaar will be held on November 7th.   Raffle tickets for the bazaar are now available.

Anne Anchor met with the youth yesterday and they are very happy to have their own new room in the basement of the PMC.  The youth group wish to do some fund-raising and asked if they could have a table at the bazaar and keep the money they raise towards the cost of the youth co-ordinator.  Sharon suggested that Anne speak to Ferne.   Another suggestion was selling apples downstairs after the church service.    The consensus of council towards their wish to do fund-raising was favourable.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm