Condensed Council Minutes March 2,09


Tim Hunt and Tony Gioventu have retired from Council and we will send a thank you card to each of them for their past service.

Food Bank

The proposed milk donation will not go ahead.

Laurie Fox will draft an item for the bulletin appealing for help unloading the food from the truck

Melody will advise Aids Vancouver of the name change. Karen Evens has a list of places where the Food Bank is advertised. We need to ensure that everyone knows of the name change.

Laurie Fox suggested looking for a free chest freezer on Craig’s List and a motion was carried to go ahead with this.

Claire Prentice suggested a workshop to help people explore their own spiritual gifts. Anne Anchor, Claire and Trudi will look into obtaining resources.

Ministry of Welcome

We will set up another table behind the back pew when necessary for extra materials that need to be distributed. We will ask for another volunteer greeter to be responsible for handing out material and to spend a little time welcoming new people and making sure their needs are met. We will also revamp our information brochure and place copies in the pews. There was some discussion about whether we should resurrect the Area Ministry or a similar program. We also discussed holding a small workshop or DVD presentation on Welcome Ministry. The same group will meet again in about a month and we may open up the next meeting to anyone in the congregation who might be interested.
Youth Quest

Nigel Fung reported on the youth visit to Laser Tag and thanked Parish Council for funding the event. The next event in March is a Movie Night, followed by a Bowling night in April to support Big Brothers.

ACW Catering

Grant attended the last ACW meeting and gave a presentation on his own approach to funerals which he has put into the Apostle. Ann Adair-Austin reported that the ACW had decided that we should have a standard fee for catering, with some flexibility, and the proceeds will be deposited in the ACW Fund.

Multicultural Evening

This will be held on May 30th, which is the Saturday before Pentecost. It will be a social pot luck event where people are invited to bring dishes appropriate to their cultural background, and the evening will also include some fun and games. Ann Adair-Austin and Penny Lim are organizing this event.

Lenten Services

Tony Gioventu has proposed an Easter Eve celebration which will not be strictly liturgical in comparison to the rites of Easter Sunday itself.

Grant suggested we might celebrate special days like Robbie Burns Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Pentecost etc. Karen Evans has offered to organize an “Italian Night” supper on an appropriate occasion. This year Grant will continue to communicate with Tony about Easter Eve and will hand the arrangements over to him.

Treasurer’s Report

Receipts for January are substantially below budget. Expenditures are generally in line with the budget except for Utilities which were $1,200 as compared to $800 in the budget, but this is probably due to the very cold weather we had. The actual deficit for January was -$3,734.

Bonnie Soochan has agreed to accept the position of Treasurer with the promise from Cedric Miller that he will be available to give her support by e-mail and phone if necessary. There is a Diocesan Treasurers’ Workshop on the 14th and Bonnie and Sheila de Vaal will attend.

Property Report

The kneelers have been replaced and two more have been repaired.

The door seals have been done: thanks to Jerome Daniels for installing the door seals and repairing the hole which was giving access to rodents.

The plumber will fix the urinal in the Men’s Washroom within the next month.

Terry Walton and John Binns will replace the light bulbs. They will rent scaffolding and replace all 100 of them.

Yard Clean Up

We will wait and see what the weather is going to be like before setting a date. John Binns will put up a sheet on the notice board asking people to notify him with any maintenance concerns they may have.

New Business

Tony Gioventu advised that it is a simple matter to increase the volume of the speaker in the nursery as it is controlled by his system.

We urgently need new chairs as the existing ones are falling apart. Tony and the choir have offered to buy new chairs from the $2,200 that is in the Music Fund and that amount should allow us to purchase about one hundred chairs but Tony would like to discuss this further.

The choir has a tentative date for a Garage Sale of July 11th but will confirm this later.

Grant asked if the church had ever been polled about their needs and suggested polling over the web site supplemented by a paper poll.

We need to consider providing a system to accommodate people with hearing difficulties. Trudi Shaw will phone around to some other churches that have hearing systems for their input. Grant said we should invite estimates.

2018 Super Saturday – We have received some material from the diocese and Grant suggested that council should meet and discuss this program ahead of time. We will meet on March 22nd at a location to be decided upon and members will be contacted. Super Saturday is to be held on March 28th at St. Lawrence from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Trudi Shaw proposed that we prepare job descriptions that we can give to people when we ask them to consider filling a position.

Terry Walton commented that when considering asking a person to fill a role we should also have a list of characteristics required for the person filling that role.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

The next council meeting will be held on March 30th at 7:00 pm