Condensed Council Minutes from March 30th, 09 meeting


Food Bank

The Food Bank sign is up, thanks to Bill Shields. We have advertised in the bulletin for more volunteers for picking up and bagging Cob’s bread. The new name for the Food Bank that we have distributed to outside agencies is “The St. John’s Food Bank.” This ensures that everyone knows it is available for anybody in need. A freezer was donated to us from someone advertising on Craig’s List and this is now up and running and is used primarily for Food Bank supplies.


More Commitment Cards will be available at the back of the church for anyone who interested in using them.

Anne Anchor, Claire Prentice and Trudi Shaw have had some preliminary conversations about the proposed Spiritual Gifts Workshop.

Terry Walton suggested we should think about and discuss forming a Stewardship Committee.

Korean Church

Grant and Karen Evans met with representatives of the Korean church and advised that we would like a closer relationship with them in the future. We asked them to let us know of any upcoming events they may be planning on the church premises. Grant and Karen also asked them if they would be willing to ask for volunteers to help with the upkeep of the grounds and they agreed to do so.

Ministry of Welcome

Anne Anchor asked for more information brochures to be put out on the table at the back of the church.

Youth Quest

Nigel Fung reported that the movie night at St. Catherine’s was very successful. Six people from St. John’s attended. The youth group has written the prayers for the Palm Sunday service. Grant spoke of how gracious and helpful our group was, especially towards the younger attendees.

Web Site

Grant has updated the web site with regard to information on baptisms and funerals.

Treasurer’s Report

Envelope offerings for the month of February were the same as for the previous month. We are approximately $3,300 below budget for February and $6,600 below budget year to date. Expenses are generally on line as budgeted. Utilities are higher because of the cold weather and Stationery is higher because of the Vestry Report mail out and the Apostle. $735 has been raised for Cob’s bread and $550 has been donated by parishioners. The mortgage balance is $23,600. We pay $1,000 per month and $900 of this goes to paying down the principal. The interest rate is 3.5 per cent.

A motion was passed to allocate $250 each month for the next three months for Joyce to provide supplementary foods for the Food Bank.

Property Report

A motion was passed that Tony be empowered to purchase chairs, from Costco if available, to be paid for out of the Music Fund to the amount available in the fund.

Terry Walton and John Binns will replace the light bulbs in the church after Easter, Grateful thanks to Kevin Adair Austin for his kind offer to lend us his portable scaffolding and to Jonathan Adair Austin for offering his assistance.

Yard Clean Up

We set a date of April 18th and will ask the Korean church if they wish to help.

Nursery Speakers

We will leave things as they are for now in the nursery. We believe there is a portable microphone we could use for the Gospel reading. The speakers at the back of the church are switched on only at Christmas and when the church is very full, but Laurie Fox believes that if they were switched on every Sunday it would help those people in the back pews to hear the service more clearly.

Super Saturday 2018

There was a total attendance of about 70 people and a lot of the focus was on ministry to the poor and the unfortunate. There needs to be more communication between the parishes in the deanery. The next meeting will be held in May and a report on the conversations at the March 28th meeting will be posted on the Diocesan website in April.


Planned Giving

The diocesan office has sent out a questionnaire asking if we have any interest in setting up a Planned Giving program this year. The clergy and wardens are agreeable to arranging an information session through Glen Mitchell of the diocesan office and Grant will request that Glen attend and make a presentation.

Deacon’s Covenant

Anne Anchor read to Council her covenant and, in the absence of Trudi, Grant read hers. Anne, Grant and the wardens signed Anne’s covenant and Trudi’s will be signed later.

Easter Eve

We will send out invitations to the Easter Eve celebration, similar to the ones we sent out for Grant’s induction. We will include all the information for Holy Week services.

Youth Group

St. Laurence in Coquitlam have hired a youth pastor half time who is very well trained and looking for extra work. Anne Anchor thinks we should create a good foundation of our own youth group before we start thinking about acquiring a youth director. However, as an extra resource, she would be very valuable.

Web Site

Karen would like to meet with Justin to iron out some of the glitches in the system, or alternatively, she would like to attend a course.