Condensed Council Minutes for May 2009



Food Bank

Cob’s Bread is now closed on Wednesdays and we have agreed to give up two of our monthly pick-up days to the group that used to collect on Wednesdays, so now we only receive bread every other week.  Karen Evans believes we will not notice the loss as we receive more than the Food Bank and church members can use.   Brenda Binns has been passing on bread to other charitable organizations.


Karen Evans has put the commitment cards at the back of the church.

Stewardship Committee

Trudi Shaw believes that we start talking about Stewardship too late in the year and thinks we should strike a Stewardship Committee now.  Trudi and Tony Gioventu are both willing to be part of the Stewardship Committee and Laurie Fox also volunteered.   Trudi thinks we should address Stewardship all through the year instead of just at one season.  We will enlist other people from the congregation.

Ministry of Welcome

We will reschedule our cancelled meeting to June 7th after the 10:00 am service and Karen will post a note in the bulletin to this effect.

Multicultural Evening

Planning is under way.   About 40 people have signed up but we anticipate at least another 20 people wishing to attend.  

Motion that any funds raised at our Multicultural Evening will be donated to PWRDF

                                                                                                M / S Ann Adair-Austin / Lizz Lawrence


Treasurer’s Report

Ann Adair-Austin spoke to Lori Matthes about the excess money in the Church School Fund and she will look into some way to use those funds.   $300 will be carried forward to next year towards Camp Artaban and so we actually have $540 in the Church School Fund.

The year end report was filed on May 10th which completes Cedric’s term with us.  Karen Evans will send a note to Cedric expressing our heartfelt thanks for helping us out at a difficult time.

The April receipts totaled $12,913 and expenditures were in line with budgeted items.  The BC Hydro bill was high last month but should be much lower during the summer.  The deficit to date is $12,000.

Revenues to date in May were only $9,600 but we have five Sundays in May.

We have $21,753 still owing at the end of April on the mortgage.

Property Report

Lawn Cutting

We are fully covered for lawn cutting until July, except for June 20th, thanks to Laurie Fox’s appeal to the congregation at the 10:00 am service when she sent around a sign-up sheet which garnered some signatures.

Sound System

Trudi Shaw will type up a report on the proposal from the Western Institute for the Deaf for John Binns.    She advised that St. John’s Church in Burnaby have installed this system and are very happy with it because there is no interference.    We would also need a microphone on the altar.     We have a remote mike, so we do not need one for the person reading the Gospel.   Trudi will double check on the wire specs etc. and get back to us.

Painting the Outside of the Church

Only the front clapper boards need to be painted so John Binns called for volunteers.   Council suggested June 13th and John will put a notice in the bulletin asking for a crew.  Replacement of the lights will go ahead soon.

Web Site

Karen Evans has talked at length with Justin who has offered to create a new web site.   Karen asked for council members to forward to her their preferences and Justin will incorporate those into the new web site.    Karen asked us to go through the web site and let her know what, in our opinion, we don’t need.  Hopefully the launch date will be some time in September.


Karen has been approached by someone who does Wills Seminars.   He is a lawyer and this is his specialty and he will come and give us a presentation.   He needs at least ten people in attendance.  This could dovetail nicely with Glen Mitchell’s seminar on Planned Giving.  We propose holding this seminar in the fall. 

Use of Premises

Karen has also been approached by a lady wishing to use our premises for a cardio Boot Camp between 6:00 and 7:00 am.   Karen will get more details of how much space they need and make sure that it does not interfere with the Korean church.  John Binns was concerned about our charitable status being in jeopardy if we allow our premises to be used by a “for profit” organization but we will look into all the ramifications.


Grant gave a report in Sunday’s sermon which is now on line.  Next Sunday all the delegates will give a short reflection on what was important to them at Synod


Council was asked to consider asking for volunteers to make the announcements normally made by the deacons before the service begins.  Grant believes it is better coming from the lay people rather than the clergy.  Claire Prentice, Laurie Fox, Lizz Lawrence, Nigel Fund, Ann Adair-Austin, Karen Evans and Terry Walton all volunteered.  Sharon will do the announcements at the 8:00 am service, supported by John Binns.

Amanda has asked for a schedule for the Apostle.  The clergy and wardens wrote up a rough schedule. Some of these dates can be a little later or a little earlier but we should generally aim for it to come out quarterly and any information in between that needs to be disseminated to the congregation can be sent out by cards or by letters.

On May 23rd the front doors of the church were not locked properly.   The deadbolt was barely in place.  On the same day it was observed that things were out of place in the kitchen and in the PMC.  One of the office doors was left open.  We believe it must be the janitors during the course of their work, or it might have been the 12 Step group.  Karen will leave a note for the Korean church and the AA group.  The main concern was that the front door was not secured.

After consultation with Paul Strudwick, June 14th is the date proposed as Clergy Exchange Sunday.