Condensed Council Minutes for April 2009


APRIL 27TH, 2009

Opening Prayer

Review Agenda

Additions to Agenda

Review of March 30th Minutes

Business Arising:

· Food Bank – reply from freezer donor – Laurie

· Stewardship – commitment cards at back of church – Karen

meeting date re proposed Spiritual Gifts Workshop –
Anne, Claire, Trudi

· Ministry of Welcome – brochures out?
– need another meeting of greeters, sidespersons and coffee
volunteers – Amanda, Claire

· Multicultural Evening – May 30th? – Ann

Treasurer’s Report Bonnie
– bulletin item needs clarification e.g. just current income /

Property Report – John (a big thank you to all who helped with April 18th
Yard Cleanup)

– light bulb project still pending
– chairs

Deacon’s Covenant – Trudi

April 1st Deanery Meeting – luncheon cost? Karen

Web Site – meeting with Justin? course? Karen

New Business: – Lenten and Easter Services – responses, comments
– Rummage Sale?
– V.B.S. August 17th – 21st – sign-up sheets, help to involve
parish and defray costs
– next Apostle – items, date, information regarding baptism
– June Council meeting – June 22nd or 29th

Future Meetings: May 2nd – Synod Delegates at St. Laurence
May 11th – Clergy and Wardens Meeting
May 22nd/23rd – Synod
May 25th – Council Meeting
June 15th – Clergy and Wardens Meeting